CEQA Streamlining Worksheets


The lead agency is responsible for making the final determination on these matters and determining the applicable and appropriate CEQA streamlining, if any. The worksheets below provide a framework for helping lead agencies to make a determination. For letter requests from SACOG, please fill out and provide the applicable worksheet as a part of the request. For assistance, contact Dov Kadin at dkadin@sacog.org.

Transit Priority Project and Residential or Mixed-use Residential Project Determination Worksheet Worksheet

The purpose of this worksheet is to assist lead agencies to determine if a proposed project qualifies as a Transit Priority Project or a residential or mixed-use residential project (per SB 375).

Determination of MTP/SCS Consistency Worksheet for 2020 MTP/SCS

The purpose of this worksheet is to provide lead agencies with guidance to determine whether a project is consistent with the general land use designation, density, intensity, and applicable policies of the 2020 MTP/SCS adopted by SACOG.