Bike Share FAQs


What is bike share?

Bike share is a system of bikes that anyone can use. Make a JUMP account and then you can pick it up from a hub (special parking spot for the bike share bikes) or a bike rack, ride to where you need to go, and lock it up. It’s another transportation option for people that is healthier and more environmentally friendly. 

When will the system be active?

There 300 bikes will available throughout the three cities. An additional 600 will roll out throughout the summer. 

Where can I park the bikes?

The bikes all have a built in u-lock and can be parked at bike share hubs and regular public bike racks. 

What kind of bikes will be used?

JUMP will be providing electric pedal-assist bikes. You might have already had a sneak peek at community events. JUMP also operates their pedal-assist bikes in Washington DC and San Francisco.

When will bike share be here?

The bike share system has already launched 300 bikes throughout the three participating cities and will continue to roll out an additional 600 bikes throughout the this summer. 

Where will the bikes go?

Bike share hubs have installed throughout the cities of Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento, with more coming throughout the summer. Bikes can be used within the system service boundaries

I am business owner and want to see bike share hubs near me, how do I make this happen?

We’re happy to hear that you are interested in having a bike share hub near your business and on your property. Please contact to express your interest and for more information. 

How much will it cost?

  • Per ride - $1 for 15 minutes, and 7 cents a minute afterwards
  • Monthly rate - $30 a month that includes 60 minutes of ride time a day, and 7 cents a minute afterwards
  • BOOST program – $5 a year (for qualifying users)that both include  60 minutes of ride time a day, and 7 cents a minute afterwards
  • Student rate – $30 a year that both include  60 minutes of ride time a day, and 7 cents a minute afterwards

Will there be a special low-income price?

Yes! The BOOST program will cost $5 a year for qualifying users. You must currently be eligible for the PG&E Cares Program or Calfresh. We are working with JUMP to expand those qualifications. 

What is an electric pedal-assist bike?

The bikes will have a pedal-assist motor. As the rider pedals, the motor activates and gives the bike a “boost.” The speed of the bike all depends on how fast you pedal. The bikes are speed regulated to meet California and local regulations.

What will happen the to Tower Bridge Bike Share Preview?

The Tower Bridge Bike Share Preview was a year long preview to the full implementation of bike share. The white bikes will be pulled out of service, but the hubs will remain for use by the JUMP bikes. Your account information from the preview system will be usable for the JUMP system and any remaining credits will be refunded.