2018 Strategic Goals and Priorities

  1. Advance Economic Prosperity
    • Regional economic prosperity framework
    • MTP/SCS that advances economic prosperity
  2. Benchmark Ourselves Against Peer Regions
    • Develop peer region benchmarking analysis
    • Board tour to comparable region
  3. Assist Local Economic Development Strategies
    • Regional transit-oriented development strategy
    • Pilot Food Hub for rural economic development
  4. Connect Low-Income & Disadvantaged Populations to Jobs & Opportunity
    • Better connect low income youth to job sites
    • Partner with community colleges on workforce development
    • Support youth professional development
  5. Establish the Sacramento Region as an Innovator & Test-Bed for New Ideas
    • Complete “Civic Lab” 1st year program
    • Develop Smart Region/ ITS Action Plan
    • Advance state policy to reduce red tape
  6. Help the Region Advance a Vision for “Next Generation Transit”
    • Develop “next gen transit” strategy for region
    • Reassess region’s transit networks & routes
  7. Deliver Key High-Profile Transportation Projects
    • Win competitive SB1 transportation grants for the region
    • Deliver 2018 funding round
  8. Build out our Council of Governments Functions
    • Develop new regional “issue forum”
    • Connect region’s city managers & county CAOs
  9. Better Connect & Communicate with Members & Regional Electeds
    • Launch new external newsletter
    • Hold regional elected officials forum
  10. Strengthen Internal Functions & Protocols
    • Implement more efficient & transparent budgeting
    • Improve procurement & contracting procedures