Past Funding Round Awards


2019 One-Time Funding Round

The 2019 SACOG funding round was a one-time program to complete the 2018/2019 funding cycle. Generally, SACOG conducts a funding round every two years. Yet as part of the 2018 funding round the SACOG board acted to withhold approximately one third of that funding until 2019 (due to risks to state sources of funding at that time and the desire to align with the policy priorities developed in the long-range plan). As such, the SACOG board awarded the remaining approximately $60 million through a competitive funding round in 2019. Eligible applicants applied to one of three 2019 funding programs. Streamlined applications were released on May 7, 2019, and due on June 10, 2019.



On August 15, the SACOG board unanimously approved $60 million in funding for transportation projects and programs as part of the 2019 SACOG four-county regional funding round. The 2019 SACOG funding round consisted of approximately $56.2 million in awards in three competitive program categories—(1) 2018 Partial Projects, (2) State of Good Repair, and (3) Planning/Project Development—as well as $3.85 million in smaller funding commitments including the Transportation Demand Management and Spare the Air programs.