Community Revitalization and Intensification in diverse neighborhoods
Responsive technical assistance tailored to your revitalization challenge


SACOG is working with Portland State University’s Urban Sustainability Accelerator (USA) program to provide planning technical assistance to cities and counties in the region on local projects that will help revitalize a Center, Corridor or Established Community. The communities include downtowns, main streets, small town centers, central business districts, commercial corridors, infill sites, older and inner ring suburban areas

Design and architecture experts from the Center for Public Interest Design are engaging directly with stakeholders in the Franklin neighborhood in South Sacramento and the Del Paso neighborhood in North Sacramento, both of which are disadvantaged neighborhoods in the top 5-10% of statewide CalEnviroScreen scores, to help build collaboration and resident capacity for community revitalization efforts.

The technical assistance is determined in consultation with each community, tailored to their  unique revitalization challenge. The assistance has ranged from exploring specific urban design strategies and policy recommendations to achieve economic development and safer walking environments, to workshop facilitation, to expert advice on district revitalization.

This project is funded in part by a Sustainable Communities Planning Grant from the California Strategic Growth Council.