2025 Blueprint Focus Groups
Insights Directly from Regional Residents

This spring, SACOG hosted a series of focus groups to gain insights directly from our region’s residents to help inform policy discussions around creating the vision, setting priorities, and developing strategies for the 2025 Blueprint update. The purpose of the focus groups (conducted in both English and Spanish) is to gauge residents’ priorities with respect to housing, road pricing, perceptions of safety, and public health through a nuanced, guided discussion. 


Public Outreach and Engagement Grant Program

What is the Public Outreach and Engagement Grant Program? 

SACOG introduced the Public Outreach and Engagement Grant Program to partner with community-based organizations (CBOs) within the six-county region to facilitate outreach and engagement initiatives for the 2025 Blueprint.


The Built Environment Poll

The Built Environment Poll provides a comprehensive overview of the public’s priorities regarding their built environment, specifically in areas such as transportation, housing, telework, safety perceptions, and public health. Valley Vision and the Sacramento Area Council of Governments (SACOG), in collaboration with the Institute for Social Research at Sacramento State, spearheaded this poll as a joint project. 


2025 Blueprint Local Tour to Boards and Councils
July 2022 to January 2023


Starting in July of 2022, SACOG set out to present the 2025 Blueprint to every City Council and Board of Supervisors in the region. This tour was intended to broaden the region’s elected officials’ understanding of the regional long range transportation plan and empower them in their roles as decision makers in the development and implementation of the plan.