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Everyday, our region’s counties and cities are taking actions to make this the best place to work, live, and play. We will share our member city and county milestones here, along with our own regional news and blog posts.


What the New Federal Infrastructure Bill Means for the Sacramento Region
Five key takeaways and a webinar to learn more

Updated November 15, 2021: President Biden signed into law the first half of his domestic agenda, the bipartisan Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (IIJA) – a $1.2 trillion bill that increases funding for existing infrastructure such as highways, transit, and active transportation programs led by SACOG, as well as adding onetime funding and new programs that will benefit communities across the region.


How Community Transit and the Seattle Department of Transportation are Changing Minds About Public Transportation

On October 21, 2021, the SACOG Board of Directors heard from two transit leaders about how the Seattle and North Washington regions have been able to improve the rider experience by providing fast, reliable transit services. Community Transit and the Seattle Department of Transportation gives the Sacramento region something to aspire to when it comes to improving access and speed to transit service.


SACOG Board of Directors Approves the Next Generation Transit Strategy

October 27, 2021: The SACOG Board of Directors voted unanimously to approve the region’s Next Generation Transit Strategy. The strategy reimagines public transportation and provides a vision for the future of mobility that emphasizes moving people, not just moving buses and trains. By improving speed, inter-regional connections, technology, and the rider experience, the region can meet its greenhouse gas reduction targets, reduce traffic in the region, and expand mobility for disadvantaged communities.


Four Sacramento Area Transportation Projects Prioritized on Northern California “Megaregion Dozen” List
16-county Megaregion Working Group agrees on 12 priority transportation investments

October 21, 2021: At its last meeting of the year, the Northern California Megaregion Working Group approved the “Megaregion Dozen,” a list of 12 transportation projects that connect the San Francisco Bay Area to the Sacramento region. Adoption of the priorities is a huge milestone for the group. Together, the three Metropolitan Planning Organizations (MPOs) that form the working group represent 16 counties, 136 cities, and a population of nearly 11 million people.

YLA students posing for a photo

SACOG’s Youth Leadership Academy is Shaping our Region’s Next Gen Leaders
High school students are encouraged to apply for the 2022 program. The application deadline is October 31, 2021.

Through the Youth Leadership Academy (YLA), high schoolers learn how to influence change in their communities. Students learn about the civic process and connect with their peers from across the six-county region. “It’s one of the best opportunities to meet people. That’s something there is a shortage of these days,” shared Tate Chatfield, a UC Davis sophomore and a graduate of the first YLA class.

ACE train

Officials Eye New Train Service from Sacramento to Marysville and Beyond
Butte County Association of Governments receives grant to explore Sacramento to Chico rail line

If you want to travel north from Sacramento by train, options are limited. There are only two stops in Butte County, between 2 am and 3:30 am via the Amtrak Coast Starlight, with no stops in Yuba County. But the possibility of new stops and improved travel times connecting to the north from Sacramento may be in the not-so-distant future.


State Bets Big on Infrastructure in Final Budget Deal
“Green Means Go” wins funding; Sacramento region needs to be ready to compete for billions more in new spending for transportation, housing, broadband, and climate resilience

After a series of legislative stops and starts and the passage of a temporary placeholder budget in mid-June, Governor Newsom and the legislature finally reached a deal late last month on a massive $262.2 billion budget that includes historic one-time expenditures on infrastructure, housing, broadband, climate resilience, and much more.


$200 Million of Funding for Transportation Projects Across the Region
SACOG passes $1 billion mark in funding for Sacramento region

April 15, 2021: Transportation projects across the Sacramento region received $198 million in funding from SACOG today. The 2021 funding round is the tenth in the 17-year history of the funding program, which has awarded more than $1.1 billion over that time. The SACOG board also acted to recommend nearly $12 million in funding in the regional Active Transportation Program.  


Elk Grove Historic District Invests in Placemaking
Plaza and streetscape improvements welcome visitors

International urban planner Jan Gehl once said, “Cultures and climates differ all over the world, but people are the same. They will gather in public, if you give them a good place to do it.” And the City of Elk Grove is doing its darndest to create a good place for its residents and visitors to gather. The City is making two major investments in its Old Town area.