SACOG envisions connected future with new Director of Transportation
Kristina Svensk, AICP to start August 16

Photo of Kristina Svensk, AICP

July 28, 2021 – SACOG is proud to announce Kristina Svensk, AICP as our new Director of Transportation. Svensk joins SACOG with 17 years of experience in strategic transportation planning and execution in San Diego and across northern California. The nature of how we get around is changing, and she brings extensive experience in building long-range transportation plans, collaboration, and partnerships that will influence SACOG’s transportation funding role, and how services and programs are delivered across the region.

As the region continues to grow, transportation is the connecting point for how people decide where they live, work, and play. Svensk recognizes that the region is diverse, and each community has their own priorities and preferences when it comes to how they get around. To create a transportation system that works, it requires teamwork. She believes, “it’s more than a single project or a single community. It’s going to be important for us to work together and have a shared outlook for the region. In my opinion, SACOG is at the center of this. There is an opportunity for us to be innovative in how we bring partners together and meet their diverse needs.”

A California native, Svensk served as the Northern California District Planning Business Line Lead and the Sacramento Local Transportation Business Lead at WSP where she focused on projects that address the need for expanded mobility and transit in the region. Before WSP, she developed long-range and strategic planning strategy for San Diego’s North County Transit District. Svensk successfully strengthened relationships across eight local jurisdictions and SANDAG to reinforce a common mindset for the district.

Mike Luken, Executive Director of the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency said, “Kristina’s knowledge in strategic transportation planning will be an incredible asset to the future of our region. PCTPA welcomes Kristina and we look forward to working with her and SACOG to accomplish great things.”

Svensk has demonstrated great leadership throughout her career. Her experience in building a future focused transportation department and team will be an important addition to SACOG’s work. Svensk has a pulse on the challenges to come, but also sees incredible opportunities to build our regional vision, “we are on the verge of extraordinary change for the region, and it’s a very exciting time to be back in the public sector.”  

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