Riders Have Traveled More Than 5.7 Million Miles Across the Region on Shared Bikes and Scooters
New Micromobility Dashboard shows travel patterns for micromobility in Sacramento region


October 31, 2022: There is a new tool available that reports how people are using shared bikes and scooters in Sacramento and West Sacramento. The region’s Micromobility Dashboard is an interactive dashboard with metrics and visualizations of shared scooter and bike trips.

The dashboard, created by Ride Report, includes data from local micromobility operators and can be used to answer questions like:

  • How has the number of available vehicles impacted bike and scooter usage?
  • What has been the impact of COVID-19 on shared mobility ridership?
  • How do bikes serve different transportation needs than scooters, and vice versa? 

The Micromobility Dashboard shows trip data from Sacramento’s and West Sacramento’s programs since 2019. The number of rides for each street segment in the cities is shown and updated on a quarterly basis, and to protect the privacy of the traveling public, no information about individual rides is provided.

“Data from our region’s shared mobility programs provide important insights that inform not just our decision making and planning for expanding the system, but insights that also guide our facility planning,” said Sabrina Bradbury, senior program manager at SACOG. “The dashboard visualizes bike and scooter trip information and program metrics that help identify and prioritize investments in the region’s micromobility system and network.”

Data insights from Ride Report help inform the region’s planning staff on infrastructure and policy decisions, manage operator compliance on geographic equity, support Vision Zero goals, and continue to provide safe, affordable, and fun mobility options for residents.

“We founded Ride Report to support the critical work that city staff and advocates do in transforming our streets,” said Michael Schwartz, senior vice president of shared mobility at Ride Report. “It has been wonderful to see how deeply SACOG shares our vision for shared mobility, and the power of data to inspire trust, accountability, and better decision making in their work. We are excited to see bike and scooter trips on the rise, and for the Sacramento region to continue as a national leader in micromobility!”

The types of data displayed in the dashboard include: 

  • Route heatmap that shows the most popular street segments
  • Median trip distance 
  • Median trip duration
  • Trips per day (average) 
  • Total trips 
  • Total trip distance 

In addition to viewing these metrics within the Micromobility Dashboard, users can download the data for additional analysis or research. The portal includes layers for the region’s micromobility network, and multi-use paths to reference when looking at the data within the online dashboard. SACOG and city partners encourage the public and researchers to use this data to engage with the shared mobility program and support advocacy efforts.

The Micromobility Dashboard shows millions of trips using shared bikes and scooters in the City of Sacramento and West Sacramento:


  • Total e-scooters Trips = 2,298,700 trips
  • e-scooters Total Trip Distance = 3,271,063 miles


  • Total e-bikes Trips = 1,433,200 trips
  • e-bikes Total Trip Distance = 2,523,566 miles

All Shared Mobility

  • Total Trips = 3,731,900 trips
    Total Trip Distance = 5,794,629 miles

The new portal shows the most popular routes down the the street segment: 

This street segment in Sacramento along K Street has the most trips with 192,000, or about 6.7 percent of total trips in the city.

In West Sacramento, the segment with the most trips is along Riverfront Street, with 12,100 trips, or about 9 percent of the total within the city. 

Try it now: Explore the data from West Sacramento and Sacramento.

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