Get Ready to Roll: May is Bike Month!
Sacramento region gears up for a month of cycling celebrations and advocacy


April 24, 2023: May is just around the corner, and for biking enthusiasts and environmentally conscious individuals alike, that means one thing: May is Bike Month! With its warmer weather, longer days, and beautiful blossoms in full bloom, May is the perfect time to dust off your bike, strap on your helmet, and hit the road on two wheels. 

Bike Month is a nationwide event that celebrates the joy and benefits of cycling. It encourages people to take up biking as a mode of transportation, raises awareness about bike safety, and promotes the building of communities that are connected through sustainable modes of transportation. And when more people ride their bikes, biking advocates become better equipped to provide essential infrastructure developments that will increase safety for bicyclists and community members.  

As stewards of May is Bike Month in the six-county Sacramento region, the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA) are kicking off the celebrations with a full calendar of bike riding events. From a bike rodeo with prizes, vendors, and food to a mural bike ride touring the city’s local culture, there are unique opportunities this month for all regional residents to explore and engage with the community on two wheels.  

Deb Banks, the executive director of SABA, emphasized that the SacLovia Open Streets Bike Ride on Del Paso Boulevard is a particularly special event happening this month. Del Paso Boulevard once flourished as the hub of what used to be Old North Sacramento before being cut off by the construction of Highway 160. After years of disrepair, Del Paso Boulevard is now set to host its second annual bicycle ride event—this time extending from Arden Way all the way up to El Camino. Banks noted that with music, community business vendors, and lots of energy, “this event will speak to a larger effort to reconnect Del Paso with the city and redirect highways from community areas.”  

Alongside shedding light on bike-specific events this month, SABA’s efforts aim to encourage the community to continue bike riding practices after May is Bike Month. To build the habit of choosing biking as a sustainable source of transportation, Banks says, “the best way to ride is with friends and other people. Find a coworker to ride with, meet up with people versus traveling alone.” This month, Sacramento Bike Week from May 15–21, and the Stone Creek Community Bike Ride on May 7, are great opportunities to start this practice.  

And whether you are a resident cyclist or a newbie, SABA’s monthly social rides are an excellent way to boost biking confidence and meet other cyclists, while enjoying the fresh air and sunshine as you go. 

From reducing your carbon footprint and improving your health to exploring your community and promoting bike safety, May is Bike Month offers something for everyone. So, grab your helmet, hop on your bike, and get ready to roll into a month of eco-friendly fun and healthy adventures! Happy Bike Month! 

Go to where you can register for a chance to win prizes all month long. 

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