Driving Regional Change as SACOG’s Blueprint Program Manager
Zach Miller, AICP joins SACOG to begin working on Blueprint planning and implementation


August 31, 2023: SACOG is excited to introduce Zach Miller, AICP, a planning professional who brings a wealth of experience and enthusiasm to his role at SACOG as the Blueprint program manager. With a career encompassing experience in environmental planning, transportation planning, and land use planning, Miller’s journey is one that exemplifies dedication to fostering positive regional change.

As the Blueprint program manager, Miller will oversee the development and implementation of the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS), or the Blueprint. This plan holds particular significance for the region as it intricately aligns land use and transportation planning, addressing crucial aspects of sustainability including environmental conservation, economic growth, and equitable access throughout the region.

In Miller’s view, the Blueprint holds the power to reshape the future of the region. “It aims to improve transportation options, expand affordable housing alternatives, and create a safer and healthier environment for all,” he said. Miller’s motivation to lead the Blueprint’s development additionally stems from its dedication to equity and inclusivity, as he noted, “An aspect that attracted me to the position was the emphasis on engaging marginalized groups, providing them a voice in the plan and a sense of belonging in the planning process.”

As Blueprint program manager, Miller will steer SACOG’s Blueprint toward success; he exemplifies expertise, passion, and dedication to fostering a resilient and thriving Sacramento region. His experience with and commitment to sustainable development underscores the invaluable role that planning professionals play in shaping communities for generations to come.

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