A Closer Look at the 2024 Blueprint Pathway Land Use Assumptions
An update on the Sacramento region's long-range transportation plan


September 20, 2022: As a metropolitan planning organization, SACOG is tasked with creating a long-range transportation plan for the region that must be updated every four years. The plan, which SACOG has named the 2024 Blueprint, is now in development and staff are working on multiple pieces to plot future growth. By analyzing land use across the region, it helps the SACOG Board of Directors better understand how transportation decisions made as part of this plan will affect the future and how the region achieves goals around equity, the economy, and the environment.

To assist with identifying the best path forward, SACOG staff have developed three Pathway Land Use Assumptions. These Pathways illustrate how land use patterns, transportation investments, technologies, and policies interact to inform future outcomes of the region. They consider general plans, local zoning codes, specific plans, and master plans to form the foundation.

Watch this presentation to the SACOG Board of Directors on August 18, 2022, to learn how land use assumptions will inform the development of the three 2024 Blueprint Pathways.

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