Land Use & Natural Resources Committee


Land Use & Natural Resources Committee

Summary: Eleven members appointed to consider land use and air quality issues. (Meets monthly or as needed.)

SACOG’s Land Use & Natural Resources Committee recommends action by the Board of Directors on the following topics:

  • Blueprint (MTP/SCS
  • Airport Land Use Compatibility Planning Issues (Recommendations for the Airport Land Use Commission)
  • Caltrans Blueprint Grant Program
  • SACOG Community Design Grant Program
  • Land use projections 
  • Regional GIS Committee Data Collection and Partnership contracts
  • Rural-Urban Connections Strategy goals, outreach plans, and contracts
  • Regional funding programs
  • New Federal Eight-Hour Ozone Standard
  • State Implementation Plan (SIP)
  • AB 32 Implementation
  • SACOG Carbon Inventory
  • Climate Change Education Efforts
  • Transportation Control Measures
  • Sacramento Clean Air and Transportation Program (SECAT)
  • Climate Registry
  • Greenhouse Gas Inventory (GRIP)
  • Regional Funding Programs
  • SB 375 Implementation

Advisory Committees

The Board has established a number of advisory committees as a means of obtaining advice from citizens, key interest groups in the community, and partner planning agencies on a variety of subjects.

SACOG seeks advice from local agencies on transportation and land use plan content and investment decisions. SACOG works not only with the agency staff, but with governing boards, technical committees, and advisory committees. These advisory committees typically include representatives of citizens’ advocacy groups, the private sector, major colleges and universities, transportation management professionals, and private citizens unaffiliated with any of the above groups. Committees are augmented, restructured, added to, or discharged from time to time based upon the issues and concerns faced by the Board. Currently, the advisory committees that report to the Land Use & Air Quality Committee are:

  • Airport Advisory Committee
  • Planners Committee
  • Regional Planning Partnership
  • Sacramento Emergency Clean Air and Transportation (SECAT) Air Quality Policy Group
  • Sacramento Emergency Clean Air and Transportation (SECAT) Technical Advisory Committee

2023 Committee Members

Chair Gary Bradford (Yuba County)
Vice Chair Karm Bains (Sutter County)

Vice Chair Rich Lozano (Galt)

Pamela Bulahan (Isleton)
Sue Frost (Sacramento County) 

Bonnie Gore (Placer County)
Shon Harris (Yuba City)

Patrick Kennedy (Sacramento County)
Jenny Knisley (Loomis)

Mike Kozlowski (Folsom) 
Rick West (Wheatland)