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SACOG’s Transportation Analysis and Modeling Team maintain the regional forecasting models and produce training materials and regional data summaries on a regular basis.


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SACOG deals with many complex mobility issues facing the Sacramento region, including the development of a long-range Metropolitan Transportation Plan (MTP). Transportation and land use models perform a very basic yet vital set of functions. Models are principal tools used for alternatives analysis, and they provide planners and decision makers with information to help them equitably allocate scarce resources.


Regional Transportation Monitoring Report

This series of reports provides key data on several variables of great interest for transportation planning in the SACOG region. Sources relate to employment, population and housing growth, demographics (e.g., income, age, etc.), costs of transportation and other factors which directly or indirectly influence travel demand and travel patterns in the region. Additionally, SACOG tracks data sources on vehicle miles traveled, congestion, mode of commute, travel times, etc.