Implementing the Plan


Implementation Activities

The long-range MTP/SCS sets the stage for the short-term implementation strategy. Implementation activities are carried out gradually through decisions that assign local, state, or federal funds to specific transportation projects through periodic funding or programming cycles. Some of the policy commitments of the plan include: continued work to prioritize system maintenance and rehabilitation; continued development of project level decision-support tools for transportation investment; raising awareness of, and addressing the unique issues of the range of communities in the SACOG region – including suburban, rural, urban and small towns; addressing climate adaptation of the transportation system; and identifying strategies for complete streets improvements and road rehabilitation. 


Public Transportation Access and Connectivity

Connect Card

A consortium composed of SACOG and local public transit agencies is working to implement an electronic transit fare payment system called the Connect Card. Connect Cards will make fare payment and transfers easy across nine different systems: Regional Transit, e-tran, El Dorado Transit, Folsom Stage Line, Placer County Transit, Roseville Transit, South County Transit Link, Yolobus, and Yuba-Sutter Transit.


Rural Community and Agricultural Planning

Rural Urban Connections Strategy (RUCS)

The RUCS program focuses on ways to support the agricultural industry and rural communities, including creating economically, environmentally, and sustainable rural communities with direct and indirect land use benefits throughout the entire region. The project provides technical tools to support agriculture, rural economies, and natural resource conservation.

General information

HUD Regional Sustainability Planning Grant

Funding from a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant supported key advances in SACOG’s regional planning efforts. The grant work resulted in significant outcomes, including: