Housing Element Data


2021-2029 Housing Element Data and Resources

As a service to our city and county member agencies, SACOG staff worked closely with the California Department of Housing & Community Development (HCD) in developing regional data sets to support jurisdictions’ work on their required housing element updates.

The California Department of Housing and Community Development (HCD) has reviewed the housing element data and approved its use in housing element updates by jurisdictions in the SACOG region. The HCD approval means that data drawn from these data sets would not need to be reviewed again by HCD when the housing element is submitted. This letter (dated April 7, 2020) from HCD approving this data must be included in the housing element.

Approval Letter


Data Packages 2021-2029
HCD Approved data packages

Data Package 1 – is primarily point-in-time data based off of 2013-2017 Census ACS 5-year data and covers twelve topics through twenty-three tables. Data are available by County and include breakouts of each dataset (where applicable) for all incorporated cities as well as the unincorporated area of each County. Many of these tables are formatted and may be directly dropped into housing elements wherever appropriate.


2013-2021 Housing Element Data

Main Data Tables Workbook

The Microsoft Excel Workbook linked below contains 14 worksheet tabs with 34 different data groups in the form of tables. Data is provided at the jurisdiction and County level. The first tab ‘read me’ contains the master reference list of data items; subsequent labeled tabs contain the data summaries from the Census and other sources for many of the items required to be examined in the housing element update.