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SACOG Salutes! Award Categories

SACOG Salutes! began in 1999 in an effort to recognize outstanding and innovative land-use, transportation and air quality planning, programs and activism throughout the six-county SACOG region.

Following are the eight categories for the SACOG Salutes

  • Bill Hughes Elected Official Award
  • Blueprint Excellence Award
  • Citizen of the Year Award
  • Employee of the Year Award
  • Mary Brill Youth Excellence Award
  • Regional Business of the Year Award
  • Regional Organization of the Year Award
  • Regional Project of the Year Award

Over $24 Million in SB 1 Funds in our region
SB 1 Active Transportation Funds Awarded

Senate Bill 1 brings the Sacramento region an additional $24,436,000 in new transportation funding through the 2017 California Active Transportation Program. The additional funding was approved on October 18 by the California Transportation Commission. The funding will provide money to active transportation projects across the region to provide safe and inviting active transportation amenities for more residents.


Regional Progress Report

The Regional Progress Report is a report on key indicators useful for understanding changes in the region’s economic growth, development, and travel over the last several years. Transportation and travel have implications and impacts on many aspects of the economy, quality of life, and the environment. The amounts, locations, and types of housing and job growth are important variables for understanding how a transportation system serves businesses and residents in the region and guiding decisions on how to invest in that system.


Civic Lab Teams will be Revealed After September 29
Applications Closed on September 15

The launch of Civic Lab on August 17 brought together over 130 participants from across the region. In its inaugural year, Civic Lab will focus on technology disruptions in transportation. Civic Lab teams will come in with their local challenges and through intensive training and learning, plan for pilot projects that leverage new technologies and approaches.


SB1 Project List Due October 16th
Submit amended budget to CTC

Background information:

The California Transportation Commission (CTC) formally adopted the SB 1 Local Streets and Roads (LSR) Annual Reporting Guidelines on August 16. The guidelines outline the process for cities and counties to submit their project lists and expenditure reports to the CTC to establish eligibility for receiving SB 1 funds. Jurisdictions must submit publicly approved budgets that outline uses for SB1 funds by October 16th to avoid forfeiting its share of SB1 funding for the period between October 16th and the date of submittal.


Sign-up now to join the Connect Card soft launch!

The Connect Card Soft Launch is open on El Dorado Transit, e-tran, Folsom Stage Line, Placer County Transit, Roseville Transit, SCT/Link, Yolobus, Yuba-Sutter Transit, and Sacramento Regional Transit!

Are you interested in testing the system, and helping identify and solve challenges? Learn more and order your card today. 


Spare The Air Season is Here!

Summer may be over, but that doesn’t mean high poor air quality is. The Sacramento Metropolitan, El Dorado, Feather River, Placer and Yolo-Solano Air Districts, coordinate the Spare The Air campaign that aims to inform residents of air quality issues, especially when it is at high risk for residents in the Sacramento region. 

Spare The Air alerts will be issued when the Air Quality Index (AQI) for ground-level ozone pollution is forecast to reach 126 or above. 

For more information visit www.sparetheair.com


SACOG Salutes Nominations Open

Recognizing outstanding and innovative land-use, transportation and air quality planning, programs and activism throughout the six-county SACOG region.