Green Region Plan


Green Region Plan

The Green Region Plan advances the Sacramento region’s transportation system, putting it on a path to zero by emitting fewer emissions. The plan offers cost effective investments that address mobility needs while also improving air quality. There are many efforts underway in the region on adopting cleaner vehicles, influencing the choices people make about transportation, and insuring the full system is operating effectively and efficiently. The intent of the Green Region Plan is to bring together the various partners, both public and private, that are working toward this same goal.

The Green Region Plan is a collection of projects that work together to help make our region the region with the most robust system of clean transportation options in America. The Plan has three main goals:

  1. Concentrated investment in electrification of the region’s transportation fleet to demonstrate technologies and our region’s interest in a zero emission transportation future.
  2. Showcase the region’s ability to coalesce around clean transportation technology and signal to the state of California that we know how to effectively invest in clean transportation, and we should receive additional funds to further this goal.
  3. Work with other programs around land use, transportation demand management, smart cities and infrastructure, and equitable access for all in a cohesive and comprehensive way that helps our region achieve its air quality and greenhouse gas emission goals.

The Plan focuses on five program areas, each of which are explained in more detail in the plan:

  1. disadvantaged communities
  2. personal vehicles
  3. shared rides and vehicles
  4. public and private microtransit and shuttles
  5. medium and heavy-duty fleets.

While the idea for Green Region was sparked at SACOG, it was inspired by the complimentary and related efforts of multiple agencies. The idea of the Green Region Plan is to coordinate with and leverage the efforts of those partner agencies. There a many productive efforts at moving the region toward a more sustainable and cleaner form of transportation. SACOG will work with its partner agencies on these efforts and to implement the programs outlined in the Plan.