Our Diverse Communities

General information

Our residents are diverse and so are our region’s communities. Different communities have the same assets at different scales, so people can choose to live in places that give them the highest quality of life.

Center and Corridor Communities

  • Historic downtowns
  • Main street and commercial corridors
  • Rail station areas
  • Some have rail transit, frequent bus service
  • Lots of walking & biking options

Established Communities

  • Some residential
  • Some employment
  • Some mix of both
  • Some have regular bus service
  • Commuter bus service
  • Walking & biking options vary

Developing Communities

  • Communities under development today
  • Communities not yet started
  • Some have regular bus service, some neighborhood shuttle
  • Commuter bus service
  • Walking & biking options vary

Rural Residential Communities

  • Mostly residential on large lots
  • Some small scale commercial or hobby farming
  • Minimal or no transit service
  • Minimal walking and biking options
  • Lots of two lane roads

Lands not Identified for Development

  • Primarily agriculture, forestry, resource conservation, mining, flood protection
  • Most areas have long-term plans and policies to sustain current rural uses
  • Some areas are covered under adopted or proposed plans that allow urban development
  • Not expected to develop to urban levels by 2036