MTP/SCS Adopted April 2012

General information

Adopted April 2012

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Table of Contents

Chapters 1-10

Chapter 1—Introduction: Building a Sustainable System
Chapter 2—Planning Process
Chapter 3—Summary of Growth and Land Use Forecast
Chapter 4—Summary of Budget and Investments
Chapters 5A—Transportation Trends
Chapters-5B VMT
Chapters 5C—Transit and Non-Motorized
Chapter 6—Policies and Supportive Strategies
Chapter 7—Environmental Sustainability
Chapter 8—Equity and Choice
Chapter 9—Economic Vitality
Chapter 10—Financial Stewardship


  1. Project Lists
    1. Project List
  2. Financial Plan
    1. Financial Plan
  3. Transportation Technical Documents
    1. Aviation
    2. Safety and Security
    3. Congestion Management Process
    4. Sacramento Activity-Based Travel Simulation Model
    5. Environmental Justice Analysis Methodology
  4. Regional Projections
    1. Regional Projections
  5. Land Use and Environmental Technical Documents
    1. Blueprint Special Report
    2. Rural Urban Connections Strategy
    3. Land Use Forecast Background Documentation
    4. Natural Resource Data
    5. Regional Housing Needs Allocation FAQ
    6. Housing Demand White Paper
    7. Greenhouse Gas Regional Inventory Protocol
  6. Air Quality Technical Documents
    1. Conformity Determination
  7. Public Outreach and Consultation Documents
    1. Public Workshop Scenarios and Workshop Results
    2. Public Participation Plan
    3. Environmental Justice and MTP/SCS Focus Groups
    4. Groups Consulted During the Planning Process
    5. Regulatory Framework for the MTP/SCS
    6. Performance Metrics and Indicators
    7. Comments on Draft Plan and Response to Comments
  8. Bicycle and Pedestrian
    1. Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan