HUD Regional Sustainability Planning Grant

General information

Funding from a U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s (HUD) Sustainable Communities Regional Planning Grant supported key advances in SACOG’s regional planning efforts. The grant work resulted in significant outcomes, including:

  • A successful and broadly supported Regional Plan for Sustainable Development – the 2012 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Community Strategy (MTP/SCS).
  • Statewide leadership on piloting CEQA tiering and Sustainable Communities Environmental Assessment under SB 375 through the MTP/SCS Environmental Impact Report (EIR) and case study work.
  • Expanded methodologies for SACOG’s 2012 Regional Housing Needs Plan and provided data and the first regional analysis database to assist local jurisdictions with their housing elements.
  • The region’s first analysis of federal and state housing programs looking at fair housing programs and affordable home production across the region.
  • Enhanced stakeholder engagement, equity analysis, and performance evaluation in the regional plan, followed by a focus on successful implementation.
  • Broadening of SACOG’s knowledge, tools, capacity, topical areas, and partnerships moving forward.

The Sacramento region’s first regional sustainability plan, the 2012 MTP/SCS, promotes an efficient land use pattern and robust transportation network that helps realize the Sacramento Region Blueprint and its principles.