2023 Regional ATP Funding Awards
Project descriptions

Funding Award Recipient

The SACOG Board of Director’s approved $45,512,000 of Active Transportation Program funds to ten projects on March 16, 2023 (see board item). The California Transportation Commission will adopt or reject SACOG’s recommendation for regional projects at their May meeting.

City of Citrus Heights

Arcade Cripple Creek Extension

Recommended: $7,155,000

Along the Arcade Creek creek corridor between Sayonara Drive and Mariposa Avenue. The trail is an extension of the Arcade-Cripple Creek Trail – Construct a 0.5 mile Class I multi-use trail following the Arcade Creek alignment between Sayonara Drive and Mariposa Avenue

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City of Folsom

Folsom-Placerville Rail Trail Gap Closure Project

REcomMended: $1,700,000

Within the Joint Powers Authority rail corridor north of E Bidwell, & runs between Humbug Willow Creek Trail and Scholar Way, and between Broadstone Pkwy & Iron Point Rd.: Install curb ramps, sidewalk connections, curb extensions, pedestrian refuge islands, curb & gutter, raised medians, pavement markings, signage, striping, and asphalt overlay.

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City of Elk Grove

Laguna Creek Inter-Regional Trail Crossing at State Route 99

Recommended: $6,874,000

Laguna Creek and State Route 99, between Sheldon Road and Bond Rd./Laguna Blvd.: Construct Class I Bikeway across State Route 99 and adjacent class I trail gap closure.

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Sacramento County

Bell Street Safe Routes to School

Recommended: $8,808,000

In unincorporated Sacramento County, at various locations along Bell Street from Hurley Way to Edison Avenue and 2419 Wyda Way: Construct new sidewalks and curb ramps. Relocate signal poles and straighten sidewalks. Install pedestrian signal, RRFB, new signs, bike lanes and bike detectors.

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City of West Sacramento

West Capitol Avenue Regional Connection Bicyclist and Pedestrian Safety Improvements

Recommended: $735,000

On West Capitol Ave/Grand Street between I-80 and Tower Bridge Gateway; on Tower Bridge Gateway at River Walk Trail; and Westacre Rd/15th St between West Capitol Avenue and S River Rd.: Construct vertical delineators to create separated bike lanes, Class II bike lanes , intersections improvements, and improve Westacre Rd underpass.

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North 5th Street Complete Streets & Connectivity

Recommended: $618,000 (partial)

On 5th Street/Lighthouse Drive between C Street and Fountain Drive; A Street between 5th Street and 4th Street/River Walk Trail; and C Street between 3rd Street and 6th Street: Project will install bike lanes, intersection enhancements, and new sidewalks, and an ADA ramp connection from 5th Street/A Street to Riverwalk Trail. (PS&E and right-of-way only, partial funding)

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Sacramento County Regional Parks

Dry Creek Parkway Trail

Recommended: $7,704,000

From 24th St/U St intersection east and north along Dry Creek to Placer County line; Dry Creek Road connecting to Sacramento Northern Trail near Elkhorn Blvd.: Construct a paved Class1 multi-use trail, including dg shoulder, plus two bridges and roadway crossing evaluation.

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El Dorado County

El Dorado Trail / Missouri Flat Road Bicycle/Pedestrian Overcrossing

Recommended: $3,271,000

On Missouri Flat Rd. between Golden Center Dr. and Old Depot Rd. along the Sacramento Placerville Transportation Corridor (El Dorado Trail) in the El Dorado County community of Diamond Springs – Construct a Class I multi-use grade-separated crossing over Missouri Flat Rd, closing a gap in the El Dorado Trail.

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City of Roseville

Dry Creek Greenway East Trail, Phase 2

Recommended: $6,063,000

Along Linda Creek from Rocky Ridge Drive to the eastern city limits at Old Auburn Road, and on N Cirby Way between the Dry Creek Greenway and George Sargeant Elementary School: Construct a Class I multi-use trail and Class II buffered bike lanes.

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City of Sacramento

9th Street Separated Bikeway Project

Recommended: $2,564,000

In downtown Sacramento on 9th Street from Q Street to Broadway: Construct a Class IV bikeway and a Class II bikeway.

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