2017 Regional ATP Funding Award Recipients
Cycle 3

Funding Award Recipient

On December 15th, 2016, the SACOG Board of Directors approved the following four projects to receive $7,031,000 from the Active Transportation Program. The projects were adopted by the California Transportation Commission on March 15, 2017.

City of Sacramento

Broadway Complete Streets Project

Awarded: $2,763,000

On Broadway between 3rd St. and 16th St: construct four‐to‐three lane road diet, buffered Class II bike lanes, marked pedestrian crossings and refuge islands, and intersection modifications.

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Northwood School and Transit Access Improvements

Awarded: $1,818,000

On El Camino Ave., Clay St., Frienza Ave., and Lexington St: construct separated sidewalks, curb returns, and crosswalks.

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City of Citrus Heights

Electric Greenway

Awarded: $350,000

Along the electrical corridor between the west side of Sunrise Blvd. and west side of Wachtel Way: design a Class I multi-use trail.

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Mariposa Safe Routes to School Project, Phase IV

Awarded: $2,100,000

On Mariposa Ave. between Northeast Circle and Madison Ave: construct Class II bike lanes, infill sidewalk, street lights, pedestrian safety improvements, and signal improvements.

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