2015 Regional ATP Funding Award Recipients
Cycle 2

Funding Award Recipient

City of Placerville

Upper Broadway Bike Lanes Project

Awarded: $1,792,000

Along Broadway between Schnell School Rd. and Jacquier Rd.: Construct a Class II bike lane along eastbound Broadway and a Class III bike route along westbound Broadway, with minor signing and striping to connect to the El Dorado Trail at each end.

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Town of Loomis

Loomis Town Center Implementation Plan – Phase 2

Awarded: $1,436,000

Taylor Rd. from Horseshoe Bar Rd. to just south of Oak St.: Construct new ADA‐compliant sidewalk, replace non‐compliant sidewalk, new curb and gutter, 5′ bike lanes, irrigation and new trees, new St. lighting, four in‐Rd. warning lights at the crosswalks, and pedestrian-friendly features at intersections.

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City of Rancho Cordova

Rod Beaudry/Routier Bikeway Project

Awarded: $1,815,000

On Rod Beaudry Dr. between Goethe Park Rd. and Folsom Blvd.; Folsom Blvd. between Rod

Beaudry Dr. and Routier Rd., and Routier Rd. between Folsom Blvd. and Old Placerville Rd.:

Construct cycle tracks and intersection improvements along Routier Rd. and Rod Beaudry Dr.

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City of Rancho Cordova

Stone Creek Trail Pedestrian Signals at Kilgore Rd and Zinfandel Dr

Awarded: $442,000

On the Stone Creek Community Bike Trail in the Stone Creek neighborhood: Install bike/ped actuated signals, realign multi-use trail approaches, striping, signage, and curb cuts with ADA ramps where the Stone Creek Community Bike Trail intersects Zinfandel Dr. and Prospect Park Dr.

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City of Sacramento

Del Rio Trail

Awarded: $1,260,000

Along the unused rail corridor near Freeport Blvd. from Sutterville Rd. to south of Meadowview Rd./Pocket Rd.: Design 4.5 miles of rails‐to‐trails project along an old railroad line through existing neighborhoods. Project would remove railroad tracks along the corridor and include grade crossings and intersection modifications at each major arterial location.

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Sacramento County

Thomas Edison Elementary Safe Routes to School – Hurley Way and Morse Avenue

Awarded: $1,278,000

On Hurley Way, between Fulton Ave. and Morse Ave.: Install sidewalk infill, curb, gutter, storm inlets, curb ramps and pedestrian lighting; conduct educational walking and biking programs.

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City of Woodland

West Woodland Safe Routes to School

Awarded: $1,592,000

On the west side of Woodland: Construct Class II bike lanes on W. Woodland Ave., California St., and W. Court St., with necessary pavement repair on W. Court St.; construct Class III bike routes and signage on Coloma Way, Hays St., First St., Clover St., Third St., West St., College Ave., Southwood Dr., Bartlett Ave., Gum Ave., and Beamer St.; construct ADA ramps at W. Woodland Ave.; and adapt intersections for bike/ped detection.

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