2014 Community Design Funding Program Award Recipients

Funding Award Recipient

24 Total Projects (Applications received: 20 Competitive, 7 Non-Competitive) Funded: 15 competitive, 7 non-competitive)

City of Citrus Heights

Auburn Blvd. Complete Streets – Phase 2 (Rusch Park to Northern City Limits)

Awarded: $1,000,000

This project phase rebuilds and revitalizes Auburn Blvd. from the northern city limits to as far south as Rusch Park by upgrading infrastructure to support mixed land uses and improving bicycle and pedestrian safety. The purpose of the project is to promote and improve pedestrian, bicycle, transit and vehicle movement and safety, encourage economic development, and revitalize an aging commercial corridor.

City of Davis

Third St. Improvements

Awarded: $1,900,000

The project improves bicycle and pedestrian safety, enhances aesthetics and create a university/city gateway, and upgrades infrastructure to support mixed use on Third St. from B St. to just west of the eastern entrance to the UC Davis campus at A St. The purpose of this project is to create a safe, welcoming entryway and interface for bicyclist and pedestrians between the city and the university.

City of Elk Grove

Old Town Elk Grove Streetscape Improvements, Phase 2

Awarded: $400,000

The project designs the final phase of the Old Town Elk Grove Blvd. street frontage improvements, including expanded decorative sidewalks, landscape strips, and corner bulb-outs. The purpose of this project is to complete the second half of streetscape improvements along the City’s main street.

City of Folsom

West Leidesdorff St. Master Plan

Awarded: $100,000

The project defines the appropriate land use to replace the City Corporation yard once it is relocated. The purpose of the project is to create a plan enabling the area to become mixed-use and high density.

City of Galt

2nd St. Infill Project

Awarded: $100,000

The project installs infill concrete sidewalks, curb, gutter, and other improvements along this route to the adjacent elementary and middle school. The purpose of the project is to increase pedestrian safety and accessibility, and increase access to two schools.

City of Isleton

General Plan and Housing Element Updates

Awarded: $100,000

The project updates the City of Isleton’s 2000 General Plan and incomplete 2006 Housing Element. The purpose of the project is to provide a long-range plan for how the city will grow and address its land use, housing and other elements critical to the community’s future.

City of Marysville

Marysville Bounce Back Initiative

Awarded: $100,000

The project completes a community planning, urban design, and economic optimization study. The purpose of the project is to rejuvenate the City of Marysville’s economy, heighten walkability, and increase livability.

City of Rancho Cordova

Folsom Blvd. Complete Streets (Phase 4)

Awarded: $4,000,000

The project provides streetscape improvements from Folsom Blvd. between Horn and Rod Beaudry and Sunrise Blvd. to Kilgore Rd. by installing new and bifurcated sidewalks and landscaped medians. The purpose of this project is to finish re-making the complete streets elements of the City’s main corridor.

City of Sacramento

Meadowview Rd. Streetscape Project

Awarded: $443,000

The project designs features to enhance the safety and aesthetics along Meadowview Rd. from the light rail station to I-5 and along 24th St from Meadowview Rd. to Florin Rd. including medians, sidewalk treatments, and crosswalks. The purpose of this project is to design safety and accessibility improvements along a corridor needing revitalization.

North 12th St. Streetscape Project

Awarded: $1,200,000

The project converts North 12th St. between North B St. and Richards Blvd. into a pedestrian- and transit-friendly corridor by constructing six to eight feet sidewalks, drainage, and adding wrought iron fencing to separate pedestrians from light rail tracks. The purpose of this project is to improve pedestrian safety in a well-used corridor and to integrate with a future light rail station.

R St. Corridor Phase II Streetscape Improvements, 16th to 18th St.

Awarded: $2,700,000

The project constructs pedestrian safety improvements from 16th to 18th St., links transit to current and future mixed use developments, and creates a pedestrian plaza. The purpose of this project is to extend pedestrian-friendly segments along this corridor.

City of West Sacramento

Pioneer Bluff Bridge Phase 2 – Village Parkway Extension

Awarded: $2,500,000

The project builds the Village Parkway Extension, a 0.42 mile multi-modal street connecting the new Pioneer Bluff Bridge and the Stone Lock facility in West Sacramento. The purpose of this project is to create a multi-modal connection for infill and new development and create better community-wide connectivity between existing and new communities.

City of Wheatland

Community and Residential Design Standards and Housing Element Update

Awarded: $100,000

The project updates the city’s community and residential design standards to provide developers desired community features, amenities, landscaping, infrastructure, and transportation facilities, and updates the city’s housing element. The purpose of the project is to maintain community cohesiveness by preparing Community and Residential Design.

City of Winters

Railroad Ave. Improvements

Awarded: $100,000

The project completes environmental review, design, and construction of street improvements on Railroad Ave. from between Grant Ave. and Niemann St., including street rehabilitation of deficient pavement. The purpose of the project is to rehabilitate the roadway to increase ride-ability and safe passage for all modes of travel.

City of Yuba City

Highway 20 Opportunity Based Implementation Plan

Awarded: $100,000

The project identifies specific improvements along the Highway 20 corridor in Yuba City, including sidewalks, lighting, and signage. The purpose of the project is to create specific design plans for each segment of the Hwy 20 corridor for future implementation.

County of Sacramento

Fair Oaks Blvd. Phase 3 (FOBI-3)

Awarded: $3,913,000

The project designs and constructs improvements on Fair Oaks Blvd., from north of Marconi Ave. to Stanley Ave. with design work continuing north to North Ave., including sidewalk gap closures and improvements, landscaped medians, and continuous bicycle lanes. The purpose of this project is to finish the first of two segments remaining in the complete street efforts in this corridor.

Old Florin Town Streetscape Phase 2

Awarded: $4,000,000

The project augments phase 1 of the streetscape by installing continuous separated sidewalks, bicycle lanes, improved transit facilities, median channelization, and improved street lighting on Florin Rd. out to Power Inn Rd. to the west and Florin Perkins Rd/French Rd. to the east. The purpose of this project is to finish the remaining half of this complete street corridor in the heart of this community.

County of Sutter

Brittan Elementary School Pedestrian Route Improvement Project

Awarded: $467,000

The project provides six-foot wide sidewalks around the perimeter of Brittan Elementary School in the community of Sutter. The purpose of this project is to provide safer pedestrian and bicycle connections to the elementary school.

County of Yuba

North Beale Rd. Complete Streets Phase 2 Project

Awarded: $140,000

The project funds the right-of-way acquisition to construct bicycle lanes, curb and gutter, sidewalks and other improvements at North Beale Rd. through the corridor, from Lindhurst Ave. to Griffith Ave., along an impoverished area that serves as the main corridor for this community. The purpose of this project is to transform the remaining half of this existing corridor into a complete street.

Olivehurst Ave. Roundabout Project

Awarded: $717,000

The project constructs a roundabout, widens sidewalks to facilitate pedestrians and bicyclists around the perimeter of the roundabout, and provides refuge islands at Powerline Rd. to the east and Oliverhurst Ave. to both the north and south. The purpose of this project is to provide safety and multi-modal access at this key intersection.

Sacramento Regional Transit

New Dos Rios Light Rail Station

Awarded: $500,000

The project achieves final environmental clearance and design for a new light rail station on the east end of 12th St., south of Richards Blvd. The purpose of this project is to provide a light rail station to a low income area whose residents depend on public transportation.

New Horn Light Rail Station

Awarded: $500,000

The project updates the existing NEPA/CEQA clearance and completion of design/engineering for a new light rail station at Horn Rd. The purpose of this project is to provide a light rail station in a gap area to a neighborhood that is projected to have high transit usage.