2014 Bicycle and Pedestrian Funding Program Award Recipients

Funding Award Recipient

City of Citrus Heights

Mariposa Safe Routes to School Phase 3

Awarded: $990,000

The project constructs one mile of curbs, gutters, sidewalks, bicycle lanes (Class II), and curb access ramps along the east side of Mariposa Ave. from Northridge Dr. to Eastgate Ave. The purpose of the project is to eliminate gaps in the City’s bicycle and pedestrian network and improve access to schools.

City of Davis

Bicycle and Pedestrian Wayfinding & Data Collection Program

Awarded: $192,000

The project implements a bicycle and pedestrian way finding system and installs permanent and temporary automated bicycle and pedestrian counters at strategic locations throughout the city of Davis. The purpose of the project is to maximize use of existing facilities by increasing access of infrastructure, as well as to increase the data surrounding bicycle and pedestrian travel.

City of Elk Grove

Laguna Creek Trail – South Camden Spur

Awarded: $700,000

The project constructs .5 miles of multi-use path (Class I) through an existing field from Camden Park to Bond Rd. The purpose of the project is to connect several neighborhoods to a nearby job center with transit access, extend Elk Grove’s trail network to other bicycle infrastructure, and contribute to safe routes to school efforts.

City of Folsom

Historic Powerhouse Canal Trail – Johnny Cash Trail Connection Project – Bike/Ped Undercrossing

Awarded: $778,800

The project constructs a bicycle/pedestrian undercrossing to connect two multi-use paths 100 ft. north of East Natoma St. at the Folsom Prison Access Rd. The purpose of the project is to complete a six-mile regionally significant multi-use trail connecting the 32- mile American River Trail to eastern trail segments in Placer and El Dorado counties.

Lake Natoma Trail Gap Closure Project

Awarded: $747,100

The project constructs bikeway improvements to close the final 1,000 ft. gap in the regional Lake Natoma Trail along Leidesdorff St. and Riley St between the Lake Natoma Inn driveway and Scott St. The purpose of the project is to increase safety for bicyclists and pedestrians, provide bicycle access to a popular light rail transit station, and provide connections to popular destinations.

City of Galt

Westside Bike Lanes/Routes

Awarded: $267,600

The project funds the construction of bicycle lanes and bicycle routes west of the Union Pacific railroad tracks and south of West Elm St. in Galt, where there are currently bicycle network gaps. The purpose of the project is to enhance bicycle connectivity throughout the city of Galt, enabling and encouraging more utilitarian trips by bicycle by designating space for bicycle travel.

City of Marysville

Bicycle and Pedestrian Master Plan

Awarded: $88,500

The project develops an updated master plan for bicycle and pedestrian access routes within the city of Marysville. The purpose of the project is to create a bicycle and pedestrian master plan compliant with State Streets and Highway Code, Section 891.2(a) through (k) that would integrate with other city of Marysville plans, and current and proposed bicycle and pedestrian routes in recently completed plans in adjacent jurisdictions.

City of Rancho Cordova

Rancho Cordova Elementary School Bicycle and Pedestrian Improvement Project

Awarded: $1,575,800

The project fills in gaps in sidewalks, crosswalks, and bicycle routes along Chasella Wy. and Pedro Wy. between Malvasia Dr. and Zinfandel Dr., on Malaga Wy. and Sarda Wy. between Vernaccia Wy. and Furmint Wy., and on Furmint Wy. between Malaga Wy. and north of Saltana Wy. The purpose of the project is to increase access to a nearby elementary school by improving a well-used corridor with inadequate facilities and designating space for bicycle and pedestrian travel, thus encouraging others to use active modes of transportation.

City of Sacramento

Two Rivers Trail – Phase 2

Awarded: $1,726,900

The project constructs two multi-use paths to fill trail gaps on either side of a trail at Sutter’s Landing Park, connecting the Sacramento Northern Bike Trail and the American River Bike trail. The purpose of the project is to create a continuous trail network on the south side of the American River within the City of Sacramento that would complete and enhance existing trail networks and increase east/west access and comfort for bicyclists and pedestrians.

South Sacramento Parkway Trail – West

Awarded: $827,800

The project designs and constructs a multi-use trail across a significant barrier (Interstate 5) and eliminating a gap between the Freeport Shores Bike Trail and the North Delta Shore Bike Trail. The purpose of the project is to improve inter-community bicycle and pedestrian connectivity between south Sacramento and the Pocket neighborhood.

City of West Sacramento

Sycamore Trail/Westacre and Bryte Bicycle Routes

Awarded: $730,400 The project constructs .5 miles of a multi-use path from Rice Ave. to West Capitol Ave., street crossing enhancements, and two bicycle routes—one through the Bryte Neighborhood between Harbor Blvd. and 3rd St. and one connecting Jefferson Blvd. to Michigan Rd.—to help implement a city-wide low-stress bicycle network. The purpose of the project is to fill in gaps in the city’s bicycle network, and increase access to activity centers such as schools, parks, transit stops, and grocery stores.

City of Wheatland

City of Wheatland Bikeway Master Plan

Awarded: $61,500

The project develops a master plan to identify a comprehensive bikeway system in the city of Wheatland and establish policies to ensure that new development is supportive of active modes of transportation. The purpose of the project is to provide a foundation for future active transportation developments using a master plan compliant with State Streets and Highway Code, Section 891.2(a) through (k).

County of Sacramento

Fair Oaks Blvd. Bicycle and Pedestrian Mobility Project- Phase 1

Awarded: $1,416,500

The project develops a master plan and preliminary engineering for bicycle and pedestrian improvements along Fair Oaks Blvd. between Howe Ave. and Munroe St., and designs and constructs two traffic signals within the project limits. The purpose of the project is to create a complete street that would benefit bicyclists, pedestrians, and transit users by increasing access and mobility.

Florin Creek Trail/SOFA Bike & Pedestrian Improvements

Awarded: $1,134,000

The project provides trail lighting, security cameras, bicycle parking racks, bollards, wayfinding signage, a raised crosswalk, ADA street crossing improvements along and leading to Florin Creek Trail, a 1.2 mile multi-use trail that runs east/west south of Florin Rd. and crosses Stockton Blvd. and SR 99; and streetscape improvements, traffic calming, and bicycle lanes along Florin Mall Dr. between Florin Rd. and Orange Ave. The purpose of the project is to close gaps in and expand the bicycle and pedestrian transportation network.

Garfield Ave. Bike Lanes and Pedestrian Connectivity Project

Awarded: $2,213,200

The project designs and constructs bicycle lanes and sidewalks along Garfield Ave., a major north-south corridor, from Whitney Ave. to Madison Ave., as well as install a traffic signal and lighting at a major intersection. The purpose of the project is to extend bicycle lanes and fill in sidewalk gaps to improve access and mobility for bicyclists and pedestrians as they travel throughout the county, and increase bicycle and pedestrian connectivity.


Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Data Collection

Awarded: $559,500

The project develops regional standards for evaluating bicycle/pedestrian projects, procures and places automated bicycle/pedestrian counters, and develops a smartphone application for collecting user’s bicycle/pedestrian travel data. The purpose of the project is to increase the data available to make informed decisions about future bicycle and pedestrian transportation investments.

Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Bike Share

Awarded: $3,905,000

The project funds an initial bike share system in three cities (Davis, Sacramento, and West Sacramento) and provides planning efforts for potential regional expansion of a Bike Share pilot program and creates a comprehensive Equity Action Plan. The purpose of the project is to provide an active transportation option to a wide variety of users and help increase the visibility and public awareness about bicycling as a viable transportation option.