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Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program

The federally required Transportation Improvement Program (TIP) is known as the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP) in the Sacramento Region. It is a short-term listing of surface transportation projects that receive federal funds, are subject to a federally required action, or are regionally significant. Apart from some improvements to the region’s airports and the Port of Sacramento, all regionally significant transportation projects and federally funded capital projects are part of the MTIP.


2020/2021 State Housing Funding in SACOG Region (REAP/LEAP 1)
SACOG region and its local governments received over $14 million from the State to address our region's housing priorities and planning needs

Assembly Bill 101 established the Local Government Planning Support Grants Program to provide regions and jurisdictions with one-time funding to establish priorities that increase housing planning and accelerate housing production. Together, the State’s Local Government Planning Support Grants Program brought $14 million to the region for housing planning related activities in 2020 and 2021. The funds were divided into two funding programs: LEAP and REAP.


Regional Flexible Funding Programs
SACOG board approves awards in 2021 Regional, Community Design and Active Transportation Program

SACOG conducts funding rounds to allocate funds to transportation projects based on available apportionments of regional Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality (CMAQ), Regional Surface Transportation Program (RSTP), State Transportation Improvement Program (STIP), Active Transportation Program (ATP), and SACOG managed funds. The funds get distributed through individual funding programs that together make up a funding round. 


Statewide Funding Opportunities

State housing and transportation funding opportunities present an important opportunity to further the objectives, activities, and projects laid out in the 2020 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy. SACOG staff are available to help local governments, transportation providers, and affordable housing developers understand grant requirements, identify the best fit between projects and various funding programs, and provide technical assistance, data, application review, and letters of support for projects that further our shared regional goals.