Employee of the Year Award


Employee of the Year

This category recognizes an individual employee of an organization or business who has made a significant contribution in the region in transportation, air quality, and/or smart growth.

Selection Criteria

  • Contributions to the region through professional involvement.

Sharon Scherzinger

Sharon Scherzinger has dedicated her professional life to improving transportation in California, the Sacramento region and El Dorado County through leadership positions at Caltrans and the El Dorado County Transportation Commission. While at Caltrans she has worked to implement the Public Transit Modernization Plan Improvement and Service Enhancement Act, and the 2009 Stimulus Package.


Jerry Way

Jerry Way had a distinguished 36-year long career with the City of Sacramento starting out as a parking lot attendant and concluding as Director of Public Works. With a motto of “100% of the time, it is 100% about the people,” Jerry created a culture of excellence at the city. He has the ability to bring people together toward consensus and was instrumental in steering many complex multi-layered projects to completion.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of The Year

Mike Wiley
Sacramento Regional Transit

Mike Wiley believes in leading by example and listening to customers. He can frequently be found riding busses and light rail in order to talk with and hear directly from costumers on a wide range of issues. This year, he played a key leadership role in the development of legislation that would allow Federal Transit Administration funds to continue to flow to transit agencies across the state averting a funding crisis. 

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of the Year Award

Ed Cox
City of Sacramento

Ed Cox has been the City of Sacramento’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Coordinator and engineer for 12 years. Under his leadership, the city has seen the advancement of multiple street retrofits to add bicycle lanes, additional crossings, increased participation in Safe Routes to School, and the development and implementation of the free bicycle rack program for businesses in downtown Sacramento.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of the Year

Larry Greene
Sacramento Metropolitan Air Quality Management District

Larry Greene has been the driving force in the many air-improving programs supported and implemented by the air district staff, including collaborative work to support local jurisdiction with toxic air contaminants, assessments of air quality impacts and benefits for infill and greenfield development, tools for residential developers to assess diesel fuel emissions, in addition to the Spare the Air and Check Before You Burn campaigns.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of the Year

Jim Campbell
Yolo County

A principal engineer for Yolo County’s Department of Planning and Public Works, Jim Campbell led an 11-year effort to connect the cities of Woodland and Davis with Class-II bike lanes. The bikeway encourages bicycling as a form of transportation and recreation, creating environmental and health benefits. Wider roads also reduce the propensity for conflict between vehicles and slow-moving farm machinery traveling through the rural area.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of the Year

Sue Heitman
Executive Director of Capay Valley Vision

Employee of the Year recognizes an employee of an organization or business that has made significant contributions to the region in transportation, land use and air quality. The 2007 SACOG Salutes! Employee of the Year is Ms. Sue Heitman, Executive Director of Capay Valley Vision.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Regional Employee of the Year

Gene Skoropowski

For exemplary managerial achievement in the significant expansion of service without addition of any equipment or budget increase.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of the Year

Steve Propst

For outstanding achievement in project delivery throughout the SACOG region as the local assistance engineer for the California Department of Transportation, District 3.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Employee of the Year

Maureen Daly Pascoe

Project manager for Sacramento Regional Transit District’s Transit for Livable Communities project.