Current 2019 - 22 MTIP

Post José Luis Cáceres

SACOG Adopts the 2019 MTIP, MTP Amendment #2, and Air Quality Conformity Analysis

On December 17, 2018, the SACOG 2019-22 Metropolitan Transportation and Improvement Program (MTIP), Amendment #2 the Metropolitan Transportation Plan – Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP), and accompanying Air Quality Conformity Analysis received federal approval.

Final 2019-22 MTIP & MTP Amendment #2

Final Air Quality Conformity Analysis

Federal Approval of 2019-22 MTIP 12/17/18

Federal Determination of Air Quality Conformity 12/7/18



SACOG is required to number amendments in the same order as administrative modifications. Amendments generally take months for approval, while administrative modifications are processed monthly and are approved by SACOG within a week.

Amendment #11, 8/14/19

Caltrans Approval Amendment #11 8/30/19

Federal Approval Amendment #11 9/9/19

Draft Amendment #18 9/23/19

Draft Air Quality Conformity Analysis for Draft MTIP Amendment #18 and Draft 2020 MTP/SCS (9/23/19)