Community Design


Community Design
Open Call for Projects for 2021 Community Design program, with applications due Jan 15, 2021

The Community Design Funding Program provides funding to local governments to build placemaking projects in their communities. The projects must implement any of the SACOG Blueprint Principles: (1) housing options (2) transportation options; (3) infill development; (4) mixed land uses; (5) compact development; (6) preservation of natural resources, and (7) quality design. The most commonly awarded projects in the past have been streetscape improvements with associated land use development that are consistent with the Blueprint Principles. The program is available to cities, counties and other local government agencies within Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo and Yuba Counties. 


Call for Projects for 2021 Community Design Program
Applications due Jan 15, 2021

SACOG is soliciting applications to the 2021 Community Design Funding Program. Applications are due January 15, 2021 at 4:00 p.m. See the attached guidelines for more important dates.

The program has been authorized by the SACOG Board of Directors to provide up to $16.5 million in grant awards to local agencies for transportation projects that promote placemaking and help implement the SACOG Blueprint principles.

The 2021 Community Design program has three substantive changes since the prior round held in 2018:


Frequently Asked Questions
Last Updated May 3, 2018

2018 Community Design Funding Program (Round 8) FAQs

1. What are the major key elements of the Program that a potential applicant needs to know about?

Some of the key features of the 2018 guidelines for Round 8 that have remained unchanged since the prior funding cycle are:


PPA Tool Now Available

SACOG has launched the Project Performance Assessment tool to analyze transportation investments at the project level. The tool stems from a 2017 working group and its technical review of performance assessment methodologies. SACOG will use the Project Performance Assessment (PPA) tool in support of the 2018 agency funding round. Individual programs within the overarching 2018 funding round will use the PPA tool differently. 


Better Ways to Grow

Quality of life concerns are driving communities throughout the State of California and the nation to make growing smarter a top priority. Nowhere is this mission more important than in the six-county Sacramento Region, which is experiencing some of the fastest growth in the state. The region’s political leaders—from Colfax to Isleton and Winters to Placerville—are working together under the umbrella of the Sacramento Area Council of Governments to address these concerns through the Sacramento Region Blueprint: Transportation/Land Use Study.