Board and Committees

Annually, the Board Chair appoints committees from among the Board’s members to make policy recommendations to the Board. Each Board member serves on at least one committee.

General information

Board of Directors

SACOG is governed by a thirty-two member Board of Directors (thirty-one voting and one nonvoting). Voting members are appointed by member jurisdictions from their county board of supervisors or city councils. The one non-voting member is the Caltrans District 3 Director. The organization’s mission statement is: Delivering transportation projects, providing public information, and serving as a dynamic forum for regional planning and collaboration in the Sacramento Metropolitan Area.

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Policy & Innovation Committee

Nine members appointed to consider state and federal advocacy, innovation, media, and other activities related to external affairs and administrative activities such as human resources, audits, the budget, and the Overall Work Program. (Meets monthly or as needed)

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Transportation Committee

12 members appointed from the SACOG Board, and the Caltrans District 3 Director, to review all items relating to transportation issues with MTP, MTIP, and SIP as well as the SAFE program. (Meets monthly or as needed)

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Strategic Planning Committee

Twelve members comprised of the SACOG Chair, Vice Chair, previous Chairs, Chairs of the other three committees, and the board’s CALCOG representative, to review the JPA, board representation, and long-term vision planning. This committee also acts a liaison to the regional legislative delegation. (Meets as needed)

2020 Committee Members

Lucas Frerichs – Chair
Ricky Samayoa – Vice Chair

General information

Advisory Committees

The Board has established a number of advisory committees as a means of obtaining advice from citizens, key interest groups in the community, and partner planning agencies on a variety of subjects. SACOG seeks advice from local agencies on transportation and land use plan content and investment decisions. SACOG works not only with the agency staff, but with governing boards, technical committees, and advisory committees.