West Sacramento Celebrates Village Parkway Opening
Features include roundabouts, trees, bike lanes, well lit sidewalks, stamped asphalt buffers with a new bus route and can accommodate a streetcar route.


The City West Sacramento just completed a nearly half-mile stretch of road that connects Village Parkway South to the Mike McGowan Bridge.

Pioneer Bluff Bridge Phase 2, AKA Village Parkway North, will serve as a parallel route to Jefferson Blvd., connecting Southport and the future riverfront development to the Bridge District and to the rest of West Sacramento. Features of the new roadway include two roundabouts, 180 trees, 8-foot bike lanes, well lit sidewalks, and stamped asphalt buffers. The project will result in a new bus route and is wide enough to accommodate a streetcar route.

West Sacramento Mayor Cabaldon and City Manager Tuttle gave credit to many partners, employees and organizations, including SACOG. SACOG’s Community Design Program funded $2.5 million of the $7 million project just two years ago.

For a project to be finished in just two years is fast and impressive. Congratulations to the West Sacramento!