Telework Pilot Applications Are Open
Extended: Apply by Sunday, Sep. 27


What is the Regional Telework Initiative?
The pilot initiative will provide targeted and customized technical assistance and other incentives to a group of selected employers to assist in administering and maintaining ongoing telework. The pilot will utilize expert consultants and SACOG staff to support employers in establishing telework policies and employee agreements, conduct training for virtual management, and provide insights on productivity monitoring, among other services identified in the recently conducted focus groups. 
How will the pilot work?
SACOG will select 10-20 employers varied in job function, size, and geography to participate in the pilot.  

Pilot participants will be offered a set number of hours of technical assistance in topic areas the employer identifies as a challenge, which can be customized, over a six-month pilot period to determine if ongoing telework can be achieved through these mechanisms.

Essential workers, or non-telework eligible employees, within an employer will be offered customized technical assistance from SACOG and, if applicable, provided a commute incentive (e.g. transit pass or personalized trip planning).

Review the Eligibility Requirements and Selection Process

How much time will be required to participate?

40 hours over a six-month period (approximation) 

  • 15-20 hours of direct technical assistance
  • 10 hours of employer-level evaluation & coordinating employee-level evaluation
  • 10 hours of general program administration 

How will applicants be evaluated?

  1. Potential of pilot to increase percentage of employees, within the participating organization, that use telework to replace commute trips
  2. Ability to implement services provided during the pilot
  3. Potential for long-term policy or process change
  4. Commitment of participating organization

How will progress be measured?
Pilot participants will be measured through a pre-pilot survey that examines travel patterns before COVID-19. Another survey will be administered during the pilot that will provide learnings from experiences during the pilot initiative. A third survey will be administered post-pilot that will evaluate the pilot initiative’s impact and potential lasting effects.

Who should apply?

SACOG is searching for private and/or public employers of varied job function, size, and geography within the six-county SACOG region. Employer representatives that are responsible for administering and/or managing telework programs should apply on behalf of the employer.

Apply to participate by September 27

What if my employer is not selected?

Telework-related educational materials, best practice research, and templates are widely available to employers and employees at 

Are you an expert in telework?

SACOG is soliciting qualified professionals to provide technical assistance for the upcoming pilot. Submissions are due on Sep. 22

See the RFQ.