Budget, Overall Work Program, Financial Statements


Budget, Overall Work Program, & Financial Statements

SACOG’s annual budget and Overall Work Program (OWP) identify the projects undertaken by SACOG, how the projects fulfill the goals of the SACOG Strategic Plan, and how SACOG’s resources will be expended each year.

Amendments to the budget and OWP are typical throughout the year to modify projects, add new projects or revenue, change project descriptions, or adjust staff and expenditures between SACOG activities.

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Draft 2021-22 Overall Work Program
Open for Public Comment

Draft Overall Work Program

Thank you for reviewing the FY 2021-22 Budget and Overall Work Program (OWP).  Below are the directions submitting your input, ideas, and comments specific to the FY 2021-22 Draft Budget and OWP.  The comment period for this document begins April 15, 2021 and ends May 15, 2021.

Directions for submitting comments:

Fill out the form below with your comments individually, providing as much detail as possible. (type preferred)  Please reference section and page numbers.