Board of Directors
SACOG Board Room, 1415 L Street, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA

Board of Directors Meeting

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  1.    Approve Minutes of the October 19, 2017, Board Meeting

  2.    Approve the Transportation Development Act Claim for the County of Yolo and Yuba-Sutter Transit Authority

  3.    Approve SACOG Room Reservation Policy & Fee Schedule

  4.    Authorize Negotiation of a Contract for the Open Data Portal

  5.    Approve Funding for Memorandum of Agreement with CALCOG

  6.    Approve State Transit Assistance Allocation for Fiscal Year 2017/18

  7.    Appoint SACOG’s Representative to the Paratransit, Inc. Board of Directors

  8.    Approve Release of Request for Proposal for Mather Airport Land Use Compatibility Plan Update

  9.    Approve Specialty Crop Block Grant Application

10.    Approve the 2018 Regional Transportation Improvement Program

11.    Approve Smart Region Sacramento:  Transportation Technology Action Plan

12.    Allocate SB 1 Transit State of Good Repair Funds

13.    Approve Connect Card Contract Amendment for LTK Engineering Services

14.    Report of Emergency Procurement:  Server Hardware


15.    2018 Board Chair and Vice Chair Nominations  (Director Rohan)

16.    Approve Master Agreement and Program Supplements for State-Funded Transit Projects (Ms. VaughanBechtold)

17.    Revised Local Transportation Fund Findings of Apportionment for the County of Sacramento for Fiscal Year 2017/18 (Mr. Carpenter)

18.    2020 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy Update:  Policy Framework and Growth Projections (Mr. Holtzen)

19.    Transportation Demand Management Mini Grant Program (Ms. Bradbury)

20.    Approve Extension of Legal Agreement (Mr. Johnson)

21.    Approve Amendment #2 to the FY 2017-18 Overall Work Program and Budget (Ms. Raper)

22.    Approve Resolution Thanking and Honoring Celia McAdam Upon Her Retirement (Mr. Carpenter)


23.    Presentation of Resolution to Celia McAdam (Mr. Carpenter/Mr. Corless)         


24.    2018 SACOG Work Plan (Mr. Corless)

25.    Update on Senate Bill 743 (Mr. Trost)


26.    Chair’s Report

27.    Board Members’ Reports

28.    Chief Executive Officer’s Report

Receive and File:      

29.    SB 5 Central Valley Flood Protection Plan

30.    Report on Contracts

31.    State Advocacy Update

32.    Federal Advocacy Update

33.    Blueprint Implementation Activities

34.    Cannabis Regulation and Policies Discussion October Workshop

This agenda and attachments are available on SACOG’s website at SACOG is accessible to the disabled. As required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted in implementation thereof, a person who requires a modification or accommodation, auxiliary aids or services in order to participate in a public meeting, including receiving this agenda and attachments in an alternative format, should contact SACOG by phone at 916-321-9000, e-mail ( or in person as soon as possible and preferably at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Parking is available at 15th and K Streets.