Board of Directors
SACOG Board Room, 1415 L Street, Suite 300, Sacramento, CA

Board of Directors Meeting


The Board may take up any agenda item at any time, regardless of the order listed. Public comment will be taken on the item at the time that it is taken up by the Board.  We ask that members of the public complete a request to speak form, submit it to the Clerk of the Board, and keep their remarks brief.  If several persons wish to address the board on a single item, the chair may impose a time limit on individual remarks at the beginning of the discussion.  Action may be taken on any item on this agenda. 

Note:  Time durations are estimates only.

Pledge of Allegiance

Roll Call:   Directors Banks, Buckland, Cabaldon, Clerici, Crews, Douglass, Duran, Flores, Frerichs, Frost, Janda, Jankovitz, Joiner, Kennedy, Miklos, Neu, Onderko, Peters, Rohan, Samayoa, Saylor, Slowey, Spokely, Stallard, Steinberg, Suen, Vasquez, Veerkamp, West, Vice-Chair Sander, Chair Schenirer, and Ex-Officio Member Benipal

Public Communications:  Any person wishing to address the Board on any item not on the agenda may do so at this time.  After 10 minutes of testimony, any additional testimony will be heard following the action items. 

Adjourn as SACOG, convene as Capitol Valley Regional Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways (separate agenda attached)

Adjourn as Capitol Valley Regional Service Authority for Freeways and Expressways, reconvene as SACOG


1.  Approve Minutes of the March 15, 2018, Board Meeting (Est. time: 0 minutes)

2. Approve the TDA Claims for Sacramento City, Wheatland, Folsom, Sacramento Co., and Paratransit (Est. time: 0 minutes)

3. Approve Request for Proposals for Transportation Development Act Performance Audits (Est. time: 0 minutes)

4. Approve Senate Bill 1 Fiscal Year 2018-19 State of Good Repair Allocations (Est. time: 0 minutes)

5. Approve Spare the Air Programming (Est. time: 0 minutes)

6. Approve Request for Proposals for Regional Bicycle and Pedestrian Counts Pilot Program (Est. time: 0 minutes)

7. Approve JUMP Bike Share Contract Amendment (Est. time: 0 minutes)

8. Approve 2018 Community Design Program (Round 8) Framework and Release of Program and Application Guidelines (Est. time: 0 min.)

9. Approve Next Generation Transportation Demand Management Funding Program (Est. time: 0 minutes)

10. Approve Green Region Plan (Est. time: 0 minutes)

11. Approve Amendment to Classification Plan (Est. time: 0 minutes)

12. Adopt Annual Salary Plan per CalPERS Regulation (Est. time: 0 minutes)

13. Amend Annual Salary Plan per CalPERS Regulation (Est. time: 0 minutes)

14. Approve Resolution for Reporting and Paying the Value of Employer Paid Member Contributions for FY 2018-19 (Est. time: 0 min.)

15. Approve Houston-Galveston Area Council’s Cooperative Purchasing Agreement (Est. time: 0 minutes)

16. Approve Revised 2018 Board and Committee Meeting Schedule (Est. time: 0 minutes)

17. Approve FY 2017/18 Overall Work Program/Budget Amendment #5 (Est. time: 0 minutes)


18. Review and Accept the FY 2016/17 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (Erik Johnson) (Est. time: 5 minutes)

19. Approve Draft Budget and Overall Work Program for FY 2018/19 (Clint Holtzen) (Est. time: 5 minutes)

20. SACOG Non-Harassment Policy/Board Code of Conduct (Erik Johnson) (Est. time: 10 minutes)

21. Consideration of Proposition 69 and Senate Bill 1 Repeal Efforts (Christina Lokke) (Est. time: 10 minutes)


22. Support SACOG Youth Development (Monica Hernandez) (Est. time: 5 minutes)


23. SACOG-University Partnership Opportunities & Smart Mobility (Est. time: 60 minutes)


24. Chair’s Report (Est. time: 2 minutes)

25. Board Members’ Reports (Est. time: 10 minutes)

26. Chief Executive Officer’s Report (Est. time: 5 minutes)

Closed Session:

27.  Public Employee Performance Evaluation: Chief Executive Officer [Government Code Section 54957]

Receive and File:       

28. Rural Urban Connections Strategy Update (Est. time: 0 minutes)

29. Blueprint Implementation Activities (Est. time: 0 minutes)

30. State Advocacy Update (Est. time: 0 minutes)

31. Federal Advocacy Update (Est. time: 0 minutes)

32. Envision a Hunger-Free California Act of 2018 (Est. time: 0 minutes)

33. Flood Protection Summary and Advocacy (Est. time: 0 minutes)

This agenda and attachments are available on SACOG’s website at SACOG is accessible to the disabled. As required by Section 202 of the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 and the Federal Rules and Regulations adopted in implementation thereof, a person who requires a modification or accommodation, auxiliary aids or services in order to participate in a public meeting, including receiving this agenda and attachments in an alternative format, should contact SACOG by phone at 916-321-9000, e-mail ( or in person as soon as possible and preferably at least 72 hours prior to the meeting. Parking is available at 15th and K Streets.