Blueprint Excellence Award


Blueprint Excellence Award

The Blueprint project is a multi-year study to optimize our transportation system through integrated land-use planning. This category recognizes a project implemented or completed in calendar year 2014, 2015, or 2016, organization, or business for unique approaches to smart growth. The nomination can be for a general plan, complete project, or program that addresses at least four of the following selection criteria and promotes the increased integration of transportation and land-use planning.

Selection Criteria

  • Provides a variety of transportation choices;
  • Offers housing choices and opportunities;
  • Takes advantage of compact development;
  • Uses existing assets;
  • Mixes land-uses;
  • Conserves open space, farmland, and natural beauty through natural resources planning;
  • Encourages distinctive, attractive communities with quality design; and
  • Enhances economic development, smart growth, and local/regional connectivity.

The Cannery, The New Home Company

The New Home Company redeveloped the former site of the Hunt Wesson tomato factory into what is now The Cannery. Vacant since 1999, the lot is now transformed into a multi-generational and mixed-use neighborhood that can accommodate many lifestyles. The Cannery is a model project with its sustainable and responsible construction, low impact development and smart growth principles.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

City of Sacramento

The Intermodal Station and the adoption of the Planning and Development Code exemplify local steps toward Blueprint implementation. The Planning and Development code incorporates many Blueprint principles that encourage walkability and transit-oriented development, encourage smart growth and infill, and create a more predictable permit process. The Intermodal Station, is an example of one jurisdiction planning for the region’s implementation of the Blueprint.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

Township 9

Township 9 in the City of Sacramento has been a catalyst in a historically disconnected part of downtown Sacramento, it has created over 400 jobs, and supported the opening of North 7th Street for light rail, bicycles, and vehicles. The project is 65 acres that includes commercial, residential and retails uses located next to a light rail transit station. The project calls for mixed-income housing accommodating affordable and market rate housing through both attached apartments and single-family units, and 20 acres of parks and open space. 

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

La Valentina, Domus Development

La Valentina is the result of a successful public-private partnership between Sacramento Housing and Redevelopment Agency and Domus Development. Domus worked closely with the City of Sacramento, Regional Transit and SMUD to shape the project and leveraged public and private investment. La Valentina exemplifies Blueprint development as an infill, transit-oriented development project, and through its methodical efforts to integrate green building standards and sustainability principles into its design.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

The Bridge District Infrastructure Plan & Implementation, City of West Sacramento

West Sacramento’s Bridge District development exemplifies Blueprint planning and implementation. The plan includes commercial office, hotel, retail, high density residential, mixed-use, transit, and bicycle and pedestrian connectivity within the development and to nearby job centers. Phase I of the project is nearing completion. Planning for the Bridge District looked towards the future of West Sacramento with the design of a multimodal circulation system, reduced parking standards, full integration of future street car routes, bus, and walking and bicycling to reduce auto dependence.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

Citrus Heights Green Planning Academy
City of Citrus Heights

Citrus Heights took a grassroots approach to promoting Blueprint principles through their planning academy. This year, 25 residents participated in the six-week program, learning about the importance of sustainable community planning. Planning Academy participants mixed evening meetings with field trips and film screenings to learn about all aspects of transportation and land use planning. They calculated the walkability of their neighborhoods and took transit to better understand current transportation options and identify future transportation choices for Citrus Heights.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

River District Specific Plan & Design Guidelines
City of Sacramento

The city of Sacramento worked with property owners and the community to develop the specific plan and design guidelines. The specific plan sets the stage for a smooth transition from a light industrial area to a mixed-use community. The plan also includes bicycle and pedestrian connections with the nearby neighborhoods to facilitate non-motorized trips.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

Yolo County 2030 General Plan

The Yolo County 2030 General Plan approaches growth by providing for the management of the county’s most valuable tangible asset, agricultural land. The plan designates more than 97 percent of the unincorporated area for agriculture and open space, creates a new Agricultural District in Clarksburg, and specifies the expansion of the local food system and the diversification of the local agricultural economy. Yolo County’s plan also calls for mixed-use zoning, a range of housing choices, infill development, growth boundaries and buffer zones, and improved transportation infrastructure.

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence
Trinh Nguyen, Walt Seifert, Anne Geraghty, and SACOG Board Members Rusty Dupray and Heather Fargo

WalkSacramento & Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates

The Blueprint Excellence Award recognizes a project, organization or business for outstanding approaches to Blueprint implementation projects.

This year SACOG is recognizing two community organizations for Blueprint Excellence for their work on complete street design. This year’s winners were selected for their cooperative work and community involvement in planning for complete streets throughout the Sacramento region. The 2007 SACOG Salutes! Blueprint Excellence award winners are WalkSacramento and the Sacramento Area Bicycle Advocates (SABA).

SACOG Salutes! Award Winner Blueprint Excellence

Rancho Cordova General Plan

For exemplary planning and implementation of Blueprint principles in the first General Plan for the Sacramento Region’s newest city.