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Tower Bridge Bike Share Preview

On May 18, 2017, the Tower Bridge Bike Share Preview will roll into the Sacramento region.

For the Tower Bridge Preview, SoBi and SACOG, along with city partners, will implement a 50 to 100 Smart Bike system that includes portions of West Sacramento and portions of downtown and midtown Sacramento. For information and to be a part of the preview go to


Request for Proposal Documents

The Bike Share Team is still in the process of selecting a firm to make the region’s bike share system a reality. Below are the RFP’s that were released and closed in June and additional documentation. 

Bike Share RFP - Operations and equipment Vendor

Bike Share Operations and Equipment Vendor Addendum No. 1

Bike Share RFP - Sponsorship and Advertisement Broker

Where do people work

Transit/Pedestrian Density - RT Bus

Transit/Pedestrian Density -Lightrail


Requests for Proposals are now open

Sacramento Region’s Bike Share Requests for Proposals (RFPs) for Bike Share Operations & Equipment and Sponsorship & Advertisement are now open! On April 21, the SACOG Board of directors authorized the release of both RFPs through a unanimous decision. Thanks to the framework and guidance from the Bike Share Policy Steering Committee (PSC) and Project Management Team (PMT), the RFPs will ensure operational excellence from the most qualified candidate.


Bike Share Pedals Forward!
Bike Share Presented to SACOG Board

On March 3, 2016, the Transportation Committee was presented the SACOG owned and operated Bike Share governance model that was recommended by consultants Toole Design and the Bike Share Policy Steering Committee. The presentation went on to the SACOG Board of Directors for their meeting on March 17, 2016. This was the first time the Board was presented the recommended governance model in which SACOG is the owner and operator the Bike Share system.


February 2016 Updates

Should SACOG own and operate a regional bike share system?

The answer is yes, according to the Bike Share Policy Steering Committee of elected officials and local agency executive management.  On February 1, 2016, the committee reviewed findings from SACOG’s bike share consultants, Toole Design, who recommended the development of a regionally owned and operated bike share system.


November 2015 Update

Bike Share to come by 2017, why not next year?

SACOG and local agency partners are moving quickly to select a bike share operator by Spring 2016 and begin bike share service by Spring 2017. But why can’t we have a bike share system by Spring 2016 instead? Since January 2015, after SACOG became the lead agency to manage the Regional Bike Share Project, SACOG conducted extensive research to understand current best practices and lessons learned within a dynamic bike share industry.

General information


In the time we already spend getting to work, we can get the exercise we need, but “don’t have time for.” Commuting to work by bike or for neighborhood errands is a great way to get fit and stay healthy. Combined with transit, cycling can also be part of a commute over longer distances. Besides having fun and getting healthier, you’ll be improving our air quality and reducing traffic congestion. The bicycle is the most energy-efficient form of travel ever devised — so you’ll be reducing energy use and our dependence on fossil fuels.