SACOG Board of Directors Approves $3.2 Million in Early Activation Green Means Go Grants
Funding supports planning and implementation for infill development projects throughout the region


The first ever round of funding for Green Means Go has been approved by SACOG’s Board of Directors. This approval marks a huge milestone for the program, focused on accelerating infill development and housing in locally-identified Green Zones which have been adopted in 26 jurisdictions throughout the region.

Thank you to Senator Richard Pan for his advocacy of Green Means Go, and to the Strategic Growth Council for their implementation support. 

Grant Award Overview


Award Amount


City of Auburn


Auburn Form-Based Code

City of Citrus Heights


Sunrise Tomorrow Infrastructure Support

City of Folsom


300 Persifer Street

City of Rancho Cordova


Mills Crossing

City of Sacramento and Sacramento County


San Juan Apartments by Mutual Housing – Offsite Improvements

Stay on the lookout in 2023 for announcements in the next categories of Green Means Go- the over $30 million that will be awarded to Planning and Capital Project categories.   

About Green Means Go

SACOG’s Green Means Go is a multi-year funding program that will award roughly $34 million to infill development projects throughout the region. The goal of the program is to support denser housing and development and increase opportunities for community members to walk or roll to their favorite destinations without having to rely on driving.  

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More about the projects receiving awards:

City of Auburn Form-Based Code

The project will guide a comprehensive vision for Auburn’s central commercial core (Old Town and Downtown) which includes higher intensity uses including an array of housing types and mixed-use developments.

City of Citrus Heights Sunrise Tomorrow Infrastructure Support

The Green Means Go scope will include preliminary engineering of backbone infrastructure to support the redevelopment of the Sunrise Mall, a transformation of the 100-acre site into a mixed-use, transit-oriented village comprised of 2,200 residential units, 480 hotel rooms, 320,000 SF retail, 960,000 SF office, 450,000 SF community/institutional uses, and 25 acres of open and green space.  The award will also support evaluation of infrastructure financing opportunities for the site.

City of Folsom 300 Persifer Street

The City of Folsom and partner Habitat for Humanity’s proposed 300 Persifer Street project will develop ten affordable for-sale housing units in a high opportunity and high resource area.

City of Rancho Cordova Mills Crossing

The Mills Crossing transit-oriented development is a mixed-use, mixed-income community hub including over 100 multifamily and townhouse units, 2+ acres of public parks and plazas, and approximately 100,000 square feet of community arts, culture, and wellness facilities. The Early Activation award helps housing-related activities such as civil and utility engineering and other technical studies.

City and County of Sacramento San Juan Apartments by Mutual Housing–Offsite Improvements

San Juan Apartments by Mutual Housing is a proposed 150-unit affordable housing development (including a childcare facility and 2,500 SF of commercial space) located at 5700 Stockton Boulevard, to serve families with incomes between 30% and 60% of the area median. The Green Means Go award helps offsite improvements, including the extension of domestic water and sewer and stormwater services, as well as undergrounding of power lines that run through and adjacent to the site.