Project-Level Conformity Determinations
Determinations through March 2021


The Regional Planning Partnership received an update at their March 24, 2021, meeting about project-level conformity determinations conducted by the Project Level Conformity Group. One project was reviewed since the January 2021 update. (see update)

At the meeting, the RPP discussed an update to the procedures under which the Project-Level Conformity Group operates. The Project-Level Conformity Group was formed as a subcommittee of the RPP in 2011 to review and act on PM2.5 and PM10 Project of Air Quality Concern (POAQC) determinations and hot spot analyses. The Group has been operating under the processes outlined here since this time. The updated process will include the handling of conformity exemption assessments for specific types of projects.

To join the Project Level Conformity Group, contact Shengyi Gao.