Progress Update


In May, the SACOG Board Policy committees were presented a review of the policies and strategies of the current MTP/SCS with staff recommendations for refinements that reflect the implementation and fix-it-first policy framework. The policies and strategies direct SACOG’s MTP/SCS implementation program. Upon the feedback and comments from the committee members, staff refined the policies and strategies and for detailed review by the SACOG Board Policy committees.

Because the 2016 MTP/SCS update is focused on refinement and implementation of the current plan, the themes for this update have been intentionally focused on a subset of the many policy areas that were covered in the 2012 MTP/SCS.  This narrower focus means that staff is recommending minor modifications; these modifications would ensure that the plan aligns with each of the 2016 update’s policy themes.

What Happens Next with the MTP/SCS Update?

Throughout the remainder of June and July, staff will develop the draft chapters for 2016 MTP/SCS and run performance modeling and analysis. In August, the SACOG Board Policy committees will review critical chapters of the draft plan, including the policies and strategies chapter, before they are assembled into the complete draft plan.

In September the Board Policy committees will review the full draft 2016 MTP/SCS and the SACOG Board will release the draft plan for a 60-day public comment period. During the comment period, staff will hold at least three public hearings.

In February, the final draft plan, a report of the public comments, and staff responses to comments will be presented to all SACOG Board Policy committees for review and discussion. The SACOG Board of Directors is scheduled to adopt the plan and certify the Environmental Impact Report at its February board meeting.

Next Steps

Summer 2015: Prepare and review the Draft MTP/SCS
Fall 2015: Release the Draft MTP/SCS for local staff review and public comment
Winter 2015-2016: Respond to comments, adopt the MTP/SCS