March 2015 Board Meeting
Discussion Vetting and Draft Updates


03/19/15: Modifications for the Draft Preferred Scenario

March has been a busy month for the MTP/SCS team and planning staff at SACOG. Elected officials meetings came to an end and resulted in various comments on the draft preferred scenario for the 2016 MTP/SCS update. The comments consisted of project scope refinements and the cost and timing of projects. In total, staff received comments from 13 different jurisdictions within the SACOG region.  At this time, the planning staff are applying the comments to real models in order to assess the feasibility of the proposed changes. Additionally, there is a lot of focus on the models to assure they meet the green house gas emission targets as stated by SB 375.

The ongoing discussion between SACOG Board and staff will result in a finalized draft of assumptions that will set the framework for a Draft MTP/SCS. On April 16, the Board will take action on a set of assumptions and adopt a framework for the Draft MTP/SCS. Action on this date will ensure the Draft MTP/SCS is ready for release in September and allow public commentary.