February 2015 Board Meeting
Workshop on the prelimiary budget, employment/transportation, and stakeholder feedback


2/19/15: MTP/SCS Draft Preferred Scenario Briefing and Discussion

SACOG staff briefed board members once again on the draft preferred scenario. This time the focus was on the feedback that was received from stakeholders and looked more closely at the complete streets program concept and  the major employment centers in the area and their transportation characteristics. Staff addressed some concerns and questions that were brought up in the previous briefing. The complete streets discussion looked at the concept in more detail and provided information on the revenue and budget.  The MTP/SCS has a focus on jobs and their accessibility in order to achieve green house gas reductions, so the briefing went into detail about the different matrices that were used in order to forecast vehicle miles traveled.  Additional handouts regarding the topics that were discussed are linked below.

The continued briefing process is meant to provide transparency in the MTP/SCS update in order for there to be a vote in April. Ensuring an action in April will allow the adoption of the MTP/SCS 2016 update to be on schedule.

Complete Streets Concept
Jobs/Housing Balance, Jobs Centers and Transportation
Screening Questions for Project Phasing