February 2014 Update


What is the status of early outreach for the 2016 MTP/SCS? SACOG staff developed a “sounding board” of cross-sectoral stakeholders at the senior and executive level with the purpose of providing feedback to the Board and staff on issues, research and analysis, and implementation themes being considered within the MTP/SCS. The Committees provided direction to staff based on the sounding board feedback from the October 2013 meeting on the growth projections and implementation focus of the 2016 MTP/SCS.

2016 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy Outreach Update

What is the status of the land use forecast update for the 2016 MTP/SCS? The Committees provided feedback and direction to staff on an inventory of adopted and proposed greenfield land use plans in the region. This is one of the first technical steps of every MTP/SCS update cycle to help determine if and how to adjust the MTP/SCS land use forecast.

Inventory of Adopted and Proposed Land Use Plans (initial focus on new greenfield plans)