April 2015 Board Meeting
Endorsing the Draft Preferred Scenario


On April 16 the SACOG Board took a milestone action for the MTP/SCS update process by voting to endorse the Draft Preferred Scenario for the Draft 2016 MTP/SCS. This action ensures that the update remains on schedule for adoption in 2016. The process for the 2016 MTP/SCS update has been underway since 2013, beginning with the SACOG Board endorsement of the policy framework to guide the update process.

Throughout 2014, staff worked with local staff and the Board of Directors on establishing the planning assumptions, held public workshops, conducted public opinion polling, held regular stakeholder meetings and developed a Draft Preferred Scenario for vetting with local staff and elected officials.  There were also regional elected official meetings in February of this year.

In addition to staying within the policy framework and including input from a variety of stakeholders, the plan must meet the Federal Clean Air Act standards and California greenhouse gas emissions reduction goals for cars and light weight trucks. The 2016 MTP/SCS must also be a financially constrained plan that only includes projects that can reasonably be funded during the 20-year timeframe.

With the SACOG Board endorsement of the Preferred Scenario for the Draft 2016 MTP/SCS, staff will run the computer model testing of the draft plan to identify and analyze the impacts of the plan.

Next Steps

Spring-Summer 2015: Prepare and review the Draft MTP/SCS
Fall 2015: Release the Draft MTP/SCS for local staff review and public comment
Winter 2015-2016: Respond to comments, adopt the MTP/SCS