Application Guidance for TDM Innovations Grant
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Announcement TDM Innovations Grant
Application Guidance for TDM Innovations Grant

Have questions about the TDM Innovations Grant application process? Want to know how to make your application as competitive as possible? View the recording of the TDM Innovations Grant Application Training Webinar that took place on Wednesday, April 19th.

Webinar Description:

SACOG staff provided an overview the TDM Innovations Grant Program, how the pre-application round works, what is considered an Innovative Project/Program, recommendations on how to measure VMT impacts and available tools to applicants. Questions asked during the webinar were responded to right away and staff is collecting questions about the grant until May 25.


  1. Overview of Grant Program
  2. How the Pre-Application round works
  3. What is considered an Innovative Project/Program?
  4. Recommendations on how to measure VMT impacts of Project/Program
  5. Tools available to applicants


Wednesday, April 19th, 2017

2:00pm Pacific


Sabrina Bradbury, TDM Program Manager & Adrienne Moretz, TDM Program Analyst

Learn More:

View the TDM Innovations Grant guidelines, scoring criteria and application on the SACOG website.