Air Quality


Air Quality Objectives

As the designated metropolitan planning organization for the region, SACOG is responsible for ensuring that transportation projects and plans do not impede the region’s clean air goals. SACOG evaluates all projects included in the federal Metropolitan Transportation Plan and the Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program to ensure consistency with air quality objectives – a process referred to as finding or determining conformity.

Since September, 2011, the Regional Planning Partnership (RPP Charge) Project Level Conformity Group is tasked with reviewing and deciding Project of Air Quality Concern (POAQC) determinations and hot-spot analyses. The Project Level Conformity Group is open to all interested parties, with membership confirmed by the RPP. (outline of Project Level Conformity Group)


Draft Air Quality Conformity Assumptions released
Assumptions to be reviewed for approval July 22, 2020

Draft Air Quality Conformity Assumptions for Amendment #1 to the 2020 Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy and Adoption of the 2021-24 Metropolitan Transportation Improvement Program are now available for review. The assumptions will be reviewed for approval at the July 22, 2020 Regional Planning Partnership meeting (details online).

Review the draft assumptions (July 22 updated version)