Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program

The AHSC program focus is to promote projects that:

  • Result in the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and vehicle miles traveled through land use, housing, transportation, and agricultural land preservation practice that support infill and compact development; and
  • Increase accessibility of housing, employment centers and key destinations through low-carbon transportation options such as walking, biking and transit.

Technical Assistance from SACOG

Given the restrictiveness of AHSC project eligibility, and complexity of emission calculations, SACOG is providing technical assistance to eligible applicants in the region. 
Project applicants can take advantage of any, or all, of the following support from SACOG:

  • An initial consultation with SACOG staff to share project proposal ideas, get information about AHSC scoring criteria, or request a meeting with SACOG and/other public agency staff as needed.
  • A meeting with SACOG staff and other public agency staff (to be coordinated by SACOG as needed) to discuss and provide feedback on project ideas, specifically as they relate to transportation.
  • A letter confirming that the project “supports implementation of the applicable Sustainable Community Strategy (SCS)…and is consistent with activities or strategies identified in the regional SCS that demonstrate a per capita reduction in VMT and GHG,” which is required as a part of the AHSC application.

To request technical assistance, please contact Dov Kadin.