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SACOG’s Legislative team tracks bills moving through the State Legislature and Congress each year, and presents SACOG board members with analysis of key legislation of interest to SACOG. The Board of Directors adopts state and federal advocacy principles that determine the issues SACOG will follow.


SACOG 2021 Advocacy Principles


  • Ensure robust transportation funding that meets the needs of our growing Sacramento region by pursuing new and reformed transportation funding methods and sources to implement the Metropolitan Transportation Plan/Sustainable Communities Strategy (MTP/SCS) and invest in and protect the transportation infrastructure needed to implement the region’s economic prosperity plan.
    • Ensure federal and state funding sources are stable, predictable, flexible, and adequate to operate, maintain, rehabilitate, and expand the

Sacramento Region Greenhouse Gas Reduction Pilot Program

Green Means Go is a multi-year pilot program to lower greenhouse gas emissions in the six-county Sacramento region by accelerating infill development, reducing vehicle trips, and electrifying remaining trips. Local jurisdictions will designate Green Zones, in which they must take specific actions to promote infill development and reduce existing barriers and provide new transportation options. State funding is needed to help implement these actions and further incentivize local development and housing production.


CA Legislature Passes Senate Bill 1

On April 6, the Legislature approved the Road Repair and Accountability Act of 2017 (SB 1) by a two-third vote of both houses.

SACOG CEO James Corless hosted a webinar with Celia McAdam Executive Director of the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency and SACOG staff on what SB 1 means for the Sacramento Region. The webinar can be viewed here.