SACOG is where local government leaders in the Sacramento region come together to advance three strategic goals of equity, economy and environment. SACOG works with its 28 member cities and counties to solve challenges that are too big for any one jurisdiction to solve on its own. A staff of 60 is guided by a board of elected officials from each city and county. 

As the only public agency with members from every jurisdiction in the region, SACOG convenes and connects the region to advance an equitable, sustainable and prosperous future. SACOG helps local governments in a wide variety of topics. We play a central role in transportation infrastructure planning and funding assistance for cities, counties, transit operators, and other entities responsible for providing for the travel needs of the region’s residents. We also have assisted the region in issues ranging from protecting our agricultural and natural resources, to challenges related to flooding and wildfires, airport planning, and housing affordability.

SACOG is designated by the state of California as the Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) (a federal designation) for the Sacramento region, which requires SACOG to maintain a regional transportation plan that must be updated every four years in coordination with each local government. Placer and El Dorado counties are designated as Regional Transportation Planning Agencies (RTPAs) that are responsible for developing their own state-level transportation plans. SACOG is the RTPA for Sacramento, Sutter, Yolo, and Yuba counties. SACOG works in coordination with the Placer County Transportation Planning Agency and the El Dorado County Transportation Commission to ensure consistency between these two county-specific plans and the broader region-wide plan.

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2022 Highlights

This year’s round of accomplishments proves that, together, we can achieve a lot. These annual highlights do not belong just to SACOG; they tell a story of cities, counties, and partners working in tandem to build a bright and vibrant region. Critical issues face our region, and with the collaboration of the 28 city and county members, we set our sights on tackling these challenges and advancing new solutions.

2022 Annual Highlights


Strategic Plan

With input from the Board of Directors, stakeholders, and staff, SACOG developed a new Strategic Plan and Mission. The Strategic Plan sharpens the agency’s goals and objectives and presents a simple and clear articulation of SACOG’s purpose, priorities, and approach.


A vibrant and thriving Sacramento region for all.


SACOG convenes and connects the region to advance an equitable, sustainable, and prosperous future.